Namor Defeats Thanos With A Single Punch

Namor is a character that fans are wondering about making his appearance in the MCU. The character is amongst the most significant heroes in Marvel Comics. There are a lot of rumors regarding the appearance of the character in the upcoming MCU projects. That only makes sense considering the King of Atlantis is actually amongst the oldest of the Marvel superheroes. The character is set to have whole new redemption in the Marvel comics as he will be seen returning to the Avengers and taking on interesting villains. According to the previews for the latest Marvel comics issue, Namor defeats Thanos with a single punch.


With rumors of the character making his debut in the upcoming Black Panther sequel, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, fans are exploring every possible aspect of the character. It is not surprising that Marvel Comics would give some insight into the character’s status amongst the other heroes in MCU. It seems that the latest issue of Avengers sees him come across Kid Thanos. The latter villain is actually on his way to take over Avengers Mountain when confronts the King of Atlantis. This issue also marks the return of two characters to the Avengers team.


Namor Defeats Thanos

The preview for Avengers #53 was released and it featured quite an interesting event from the ongoing The Death Hunters storyline. Written by Jason Aaron, drawn by Juan Frigeri, colored by David Curiel, and lettered by Cory Petit, the synopsis for the issue is:

The Avengers’ impenetrable headquarters is under attack, by the most supremely powerful version of Dr. Doom in existence and a wildly murderous Young Thanos, still wet with his mother’s blood. The Black Panther fights to defend the mountain alongside his surprising new teammates, King Namor of Atlantis and Jane Foster, the mighty Valkyrie.


The preview opens with Black Panther, Namor, and Valkyrie gathering at Avengers Mountain. Black Panther tries to reach the other heroes but fails as they are all under attack from Doom’s Masters of Evil. Namor and Valkyrie/Jane Foster offer their services to the Avengers in order to protect the Avengers headquarter but things soon take a different turn.


Namor Defeats Thanos

After having a conversation with Black Panther, Namor agrees to join the team and help them out. He clearly indicates that he is only helping because this might have some positive impact on Atlantis. But right when is about to jump into action, Kid Thanos attacks. He challenges the heroes by stating:

Submit yourselves to the will of Thanos! And prepare to be slaughtered for science.


But before Kid Thanos could go any further, Namor jumps in and lands a punch that launches Kid Thanos off his feet. Then we see Valkyrie heading straight to make sure that they can use the injured Celestial to gather some essential information. But this might not be the very last time that we will get to see Namor and Kid Thanos fight it out in the issue. There is a clear indication that there is still a lot to be explored as Black Panther prepares for another battle coming up.


Jason Aaron talked about his lengthy Avengers run:

No, I don’t plan on writing it forever. [laughs] Again, it’s very much kind of everything I’ve been doing in Avengers really from day one. It’s kind of all been building towards one big thing. Avengers Forever was always kind of a road marker along the way. I’ve known for a long time. Knew for a long time I would do the Heroes Reborn story that we did with the Squadron Supreme, and then kind of coming a bit after that would be Avengers Forever. That’s sort of the last signpost before we eventually get to where everything has been building.


Namor Defeats Thanos

He further added:

I know where it’s all headed and know how many issues I’ve got. I know that I’ve said a couple things now. I’ve looked at this as not just,’Okay, I’m going to wrap up stuff I’ve been playing with in Avengers for now 50 issues,; but these two books, in a lot of different ways, pull together threads from so many things I’ve been writing over the course of the last, what now, I think 16 years total at Marvel and about, I don’t know, 12, 13 probably as an exclusive writer.

It will surprising if Namor defeats Thanos with a single punch in the MCU. It can probably never happen now since two Variants of Thanos have died. And we may not get to see another one.

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