How We Can Still Get a Green Goblin in MCU Despite Willem Dafoe

One of the essential factors why Spider-Man worked was the perfect villain that we got opposite to Spidey. The very first movie saw Willem Dafoe take on the role of Norman Osborn and give us one of his best performances as Green Goblin. Even though he ends up dying in the end, he did manage to return in Spider-Man: No Way Home as the prime antagonist. Green Goblin has been a villain that has appeared opposite to Spider-Man as a major villain in Marvel Comics. Spider-Man: No Way Home reminded us how Willem Dafoe was the perfect choice for Green Goblin in MCU. But maybe Marvel can still have its own take on the character.

No Way Home

One of the very first things that people found out about No Way Home was the fact that it will feature Alfred Molina and Jamie Foxx. Both the stars were supposed to reprise their roles from their past appearances in Spider-Man movies. But what really made it a more interesting fact was that both the characters will be in continuation to the last time we saw them. Then the theories started appearing regarding the Multiverse and fans started wondering about other characters who might appear in the movie. The other candidates definitely included Willem Dafoe because of his memorable appearance as the villain.


The first trailer revealed Alfred Molina’s appearance in the role of Doctor Octopus. But there was a tease to Green Goblin with his bombs and the ominous laughter that the characters are known for. Willem Dafoe’s Norman Osborn does end up appearing in the movie and his character is actually done proper justice. We also go to witness some essential changes being made to him that included removing the mask that he wore. He ended up being the prime antagonist in the movie as he would manage to bring down Peter Parker’s plans. Around the end, the heroes do manage to cure him.


Willem Dafoe’s Green Goblin

Willem Dafoe is absolutely awesome in the role of Green Goblin. It is an awesome experience to see how Sam Raimi merges two different personas into the character and brings them together with Willem Dafoe’s performance. It did have a massive impact on the way villains were portrayed in superhero movies as the character was given an essential role to play. But this makes us wonder if we are going to get a Green Goblin in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. There was a funny tease to the concept of Hobgoblin when Maguire’s character talks about Harry Osborn to Ned.


Green Goblin in MCU

Norman Osborn has a completely different narrative when it comes to Marvel Comics. Here he is not going around as Green Goblin all the time as the character would often act as a behind-the-scenes sort of antagonist. He is seen as the character who also uses his money and influence to make certain moves in the world. This rendition of the persona could be brought to the MCU. It would definitely be compared to Willem Dafoe’s take on the role but this would be a different approach to him that has never been done before. We can see a lot of upcoming projects as a means of introducing him to the MCU.


Green Goblin in MCU

If the same approach is taken for the character then it will be heavily criticized. But now that a whole new world is being built around the character, it would be interesting to see a different approach being taken. Based on the heavy role that this character plays in the arc of Spider-Man it would be interesting to see MCU dabble with him. There is a lot of material available that can be taken into account in order to bring this character to MCU.

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