How MCU’s Secret Wars Was Set Up By Eternals

Ever since the end of The Infinity Saga in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, things have really opened up. We got introduced to the multiverse, then we got introduced to the cosmic side of this universe, all in one year. Everything that the fans had been wishing all happened at once. Now we think it might be time for one of the mat beloved comic storylines to be adopted into the MCU. Moreover, we believe that Secret Wars was art up by Eternals. But what do we mean by that? Keep reading I find out. For the uninitiated, Secret Wars is a comic storyline that follows an all-powerful being called the Beyonder.

This being is responsible for transporting the metahumans of earth onto a world known as the battle world. He chooses both heroes and villains for this trip and then pits them against each other to see which side is superior. The Beyonder promised the winner the fulfillment of any one of their wishes and then let chaos ensue. This story has been expected to be adapted onto the big screen for a long time. Now that the main charters of the original story like The Fantastic Four, X-Men, Doctor Doom, and symbiote Spider-Man are expected to be introduced to the MCU soon, it is possible we may also see this storyline.


Secret Wars was set up by Eternals

But we believe that Secret Wars in the MCU will not be instigated by The Beyonder. There is someone else who is very well placed to execute this storyline more feasibly. You seek at the end of Eternals Arishem the Judge came to earth and took Sersi, Kingo, and Phastos away to see if humanity was worth sparing. He said he would spare the earth but humanity’s faith is still hanging in the balance. Given the fact that the celestial are almost certainly all-powerful, Arishem may decide to host his own Secret Wars.


The Celestial certainly has the power to summon and transport the heroes and villains of the earth to wherever he desires in the universe. He is literally an engine of cosmic energy. So it is in his power to collect the combatants and pit them against each other. He may do so to make sure that the heroes can still win against the villains. For if the good does not win out in the end there is not much sense in letting Earth develop as a job for evil. Even though the Eternals chose to sacrifice a Celestial for this rock, they still have to prove that that was a good decision.


Secret Wars Was Set Up By Eternals

If Arishem decides to let them fight him, then the outcome will be the same but it will not prove the worthiness of humanity even if the Eternals win. So it would make sense to let humanity fight their own battles. It is possible that Arishem is not convinced by the pleadings of his Eternal and chooses to witness this “competency” of the humans himself. If push comes to shove the Sersi may end up choosing the heroes while Arishem chooses the villains to battle them. But there is a twist.


The Battle

Secret Wars was set up by Eternals

We don’t believe that this would be a very simple tournament. Even though it might be about power and battles but we think that the battle will be more about ideology. Ergo it is highly likely that Arishem judges the earthlings by the decisions they make and not by the outcomes of their battles. This would make for a very unorthodox and interesting Secret Wars storyline. Although it is impossible to know whether Marvel actually plans to go this way or not. It is also possible that Dane Whitman and Blade might show up in the battle even when they were not invited.


With the ever-expanding scope of the MCU, it is highly likely that some multiverse beings may also get caught in the net of a Secret Wars storyline. To this end, we would love to see a Kang variant take up the responsibility to lead the villains and eradicate the earth’s mightiest heroes once and for all. This would make for a very entertaining end to Phase V of the MCU if they do choose to go down that path. Let us know what you think about this down in the comments below and keep watching this space for everything Marvel, DC, and Hollywood. Excelsior!!!

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