Doctor Doom is Now The Biggest Killer in Marvel (What’s the Kill Count though?)

The Marvel comic multiverse has some horrible villains. Even more so, now that Masters of Evil have entered the fray. In a new storyline from marvel comics, things have taken a dark turn as villainous teams of multiverse variants are plotting to kill off all versions of Avengers across all realities. The ones to show up in the 616 universes includes Kid Thanos who has a flair for experimentation and a mad scientist streak. There is also a sinister version of Doctor Doom who calls himself Doom Supreme. This Doom focused his life trying to attain advancements in the area of Dark magic rather than technology. This has made him the biggest killer in Marvel. Let us explain how.

You see, Doom Supreme is no one to be trifled with. His sinister ways are nothing short of nightmare fuel. When we see him debut in the Earth-616 reality, we feel a sense of dread, like our impending Doom rose up to greet us. There has been no way for the Avengers to combat this massive threat. But the heroes have managed to hang onto hope somehow. A big part of this is Black Panther’s new Red Panther suit that grants him immunity to magic and a way to combat the threat that is Doom Supreme. But this does not change the fact that this Doom has ended countless lives. His kill count might be the highest in Marvel multiverse now. You see, this is because of the nature of this variant’s powers.


Biggest Killer In Marvel

Doom Supreme chose to dedicate his life to the study of Dark Magic rather than making technological advancements. This led to him discovering the magic that no one could defeat. One would be tempted to compare him to an evil variant of Doctor Strange from the MCU but this version is inherently different. While Strange Supreme uses absorption magic as his trump card, dark magic is a bit more sinister. This magic employs the life force of living creatures as the source of its power.


While Strange Supreme can only use the mystical beasts he has absorbed, Doctor Doom Supreme has the power to suck the spirit and life out of anyone throughout the multiverse and use that energy at his discretion. He does so in Avengers #53 where he uses a spell that drains a couple of planets of their lifeforce. It is strange to see a spell that can kill off several civilizations passively. Not to mention the havoc that the application of the said power wreaks on the 616 habitants. But killing off several planets on a whim is not a big accomplishment in the Marvel comic multiverse. There is one more achievement coupled with Doom’s recent shenanigans that make him the apex predator.

In Doctor Doom #10 Doom travels to a reality where his variant uses his intelligence to help everyone around him. This makes him into a beloved scientist who is revered by all and our Doom hates this. So, naturally, he tracks down the ultimate nullifier of this reality and uses it to raze it from existence. Satisfied with the carnage he returns to his original reality and resumes his work. This, combined with the recent carnage make Doom the biggest killer in Marvel.


The Consequences

Biggest killer in Marvel

It is not surprising that Doom Supreme is capable of such atrocities. We are just a little surprised that Marvel chose to include this in the final version of the comic. Marvel has been wary of the dark topics but they are now starting to inculcate more mature themes in their storylines. Doctor Doom Supreme is proof of this theory. Even Kid Thanos has his own string of strange behavior in the story. For starters, we could have never imagined that the skin Doctor Doom Supreme was wearing was that of his ex-lover and that Kid Thanos wants to dissect superheroes.


All of this feels more like a war movie than a Marvel comic but this is 2022 and Marvel wants to bring better stories to the fans in their comics. We only hope that this means that their comic sales will improve. What do you think about this strange version of Doom from the comics? Let us know down in the comments and keep watching this space for everything Marvel, DC, and Hollywood. Excelsior!!!

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