7 Of Best Friends of Wanda In The MCU

Starting her journey from a post-credits scene in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Wanda has come a long way. In the five years of her time in the MCU (excluding the time she was snapped), she has been a villain and a hero. She debuted as a troubled kid, who wanted to destroy Stark’s legacy. Since then, she has proved herself to be a worthy member of the Avengers. Unlike many characters, Wanda has gone through a lot. She lost her parents to a terrorist attack, was experimented upon for the better part of her teen years, and then lost her brother. And when she finally saw a ray of sunshine in Vision, Thanos, quite literally, destroyed him. This led her on a darker path, which ended with her finally becoming the infamous Scarlet Witch. She has had a lot of friends throughout her journey. So we have listed the best friends of Wanda in the MCU.

1. PIETRO MAXIMOFFWanda & Pietro Mutants in The MCU

Pietro was Wanda’s brother, but for the sake of his death’s impact on Wanda, we have included him in the list. He was the last shred of her biological family and when he died, she felt lost for a long time. He was the one who was by her side when she went through many kinds of hell. And losing him was like losing a part of herself. Aaron Taylor Johnson’s Pietro didn’t stay long in the MCU, but his connection with his twin sister had a huge impact on her journey. We saw this impact when Evan Peters’s Ralph Bohner appeared as her dead brother on her door.



As weird as it may sound, Ultron was one of her first friends. Ultron reached out to her, with selfish reasons in his mind, plotting to use her power for his evil purposes. However, the moment Wanda got to know of his intentions, she left him for good. With these intentions, she also goes to know a little bit about Tony Stark. This led to her switching over to the good side and eventually aiding the Avengers in the final battle.


On a weirder note, Ultron was not a very bad friend. He may be selfish, but that is because he was created by one of the most selfish persons in the world. He truly cared for Wanda and Pietro. After he killed Pietro, out of rage against the Avengers, he apologized to Wanda. He even ensured her safety before Wanda ripped his machine heart out.



Best friends of Wanda

Wanda and Vision’s love story is one of the most inspiring in the MCU. While many thought that Wanda was attracted to Vision because of the Mind Stone, their bond was way beyond that. They were both alone in the world, possessing the power to destroy the whole world if they desire. And this is what brought them together. He helped her through Pietro’s death. And even though, they were on the opposite sides in the Civil War, their bond didn’t weaken, even for a second.



Clint Barton was one of her first friends in the Avengers. At first, they were at each other’s throats, but by the end, Clint supported her at one of her lowest points in the battle. He asked her to forgive herself for her past mistakes and brought out the best of her as a good friend should. In Captain America: Civil War, when everyone looked at Wanda in fear, Clint overlooked the danger and helped her to get out of the compound. It might not have been a great decision, but it played a huge role in Wanda’s redemption, at least for her past actions.



When everyone was trying their best to stop the Maximoff twins, Steve Rogers didn’t. He knew that they were just misdirected kids and wanted to help them out. He even saw a part of himself in her, because they both volunteered for military experiments. Steve didn’t judge her based on her worst actions. He knew that she didn’t deserve the punishment she got and sent Clint to free her out. Now that is a friend everyone needs!



Natasha took the biggest hit when Wanda mind-controlled the Avengers. It made Natasha see her whole abusive childhood again, something that one wouldn’t do to his worst enemy. Still, Natasha put aside this event when she saw that Wanda was being manipulated by Ultron. She knew what it was like to be under someone else’s control and sympathized with her. And when it came down to Natasha’s life, Wanda risked the love of her life to save her from the wrath of Proxima Midnight. It wasn’t much but it was enough to know that their bond is not so easy to define.



Best friends of Wanda

Monica is the newest addition to the list of people she calls friends. She met her for the first time during her most recent adventure in Disney+’s WandaVision. Though their first acquaintance didn’t go so well, their farewell was heartwarming. It is hard to imagine that someone under Wanda’s mind-control would be happy, but she is just that good. Despite Wanda controlling her as a slave and throwing her through multiple houses out of the hex, Monica had sympathy for her. She understood the loss she was feeling, coming back to the world, and finding herself completely alone. And this makes their chemistry worth exploring.

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