6 Sci-fi Franchises Ruined By These Sequels

Over the years we have gotten to see a lot of cinematic franchises get their chance to rule the screens. One of the most successful amongst them has to be the MCU. With a vast variety of projects, the studios keep releasing new projects almost every year to expand the franchise. With the recent developments, we have gotten the chance to see some of the most awesome cinematic events unfold. There are a lot of movies that have years of difference between their individual projects. Recently we also got to see some of the projects getting revived with new additions to the franchise. But often the expansion of the franchise leads to failure. Studios try to extract stories out of the same premise and fail to live up to the original. Let’s take a look at some major sci-fi franchises ruined by these sequels:

Pacific Rim: Uprising

Guillermo del Toro brought his best work with the concept that he was trying to bring to the screen. It was an epic vision that was brought to the screen in a manner that fans would have never expected to see. Even the characters were given an interesting depth that fans didn’t even expect to witness. This was actually considered a concept very close to Evangelion. The sequel, Uprising failed to connect to the audience and relied heavily on elements that shouldn’t have been the primary focus. The original movie had characters and epic kaiju fights in a certain balance. The sequel put the focus on the heavy CGI battles and did not get even close to living up to the original film.


Alien Covenant

Sci-fi Franchises Ruined By Sequels

Ridley Scott had started the Alien film series and it was exciting to hear that he was gonna have another movie based on that world. But when Alien Covenant came out, fans were clear to notice that it hardly worked on the concept that we had once gotten the chance to explore in the first few movies. The characters made the same mistakes they had in the original movies that led to their impending doom. After a certain while, the movie ended up feeling more of a sequel to Scott’s previous release Prometheus instead of Alien. It should have been released under that banner only and the Alien franchise should have been left alone for the time being.


Men In Black 3

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With a variety of sci-fi franchises taking the concept seriously, Men In Black took a different step. These movies dealt with the same kind of narratives but in a fun and enjoyable manner. The first two films in the franchise were quite exciting and they gave us some of the best moments fans could have asked for from the franchise. But Men In Black 3 clearly intended to head in a wholly original path. The movie took a very different narrative compared to the first two and it redefined certain roles in the movies in a very subtle manner. Following this, we recently got to see Men In Black International and it was way worse than the final entry to the original trilogy.


Predator 2

Predator has to be one of the most exciting movies with the most interesting narrative fans got a chance to see. The movie took the concept of mixing sci-fi with action in the most basic form. This was done by bringing a rather interesting concept for the villain amongst a group of people in the jungle. But things took a different turn in the sequel that saw the titular Predator ending up in the city. As the cops investigated the narratives we also got to see the villain take victims in a unique manner. Though it’s not the worst entry, fans would much prefer the franchise to have ended right where we got the first film in the series of movies.


Terminator Genisys

Emilia Clarke
Sci-fi Franchises Ruined By Sequels

The Terminator movies took a completely different turn to the narrative and we got witnessed a masterpiece with Terminator 2. This franchise got a lot of sequels, half of which were absolutely terrible. While the movies continued to do badly, fans got to see a newer rendition of the narrative being explored. A lot of directors got attached to the film franchise and thus we got to witness some rather interesting narratives brought out. Salvation, though not the worst in the franchise, actually gave us a plot and developed characters. But Genisys was convinced that it was a lot smarter and that led to the failure of the movie.


The Matrix Resurrections

The Matrix trilogy is responsible for some of the most interesting developments in cinema history. It changes the way that action films were made with brilliantly executed choreography and CGI that made these sequences a lot more interesting than expected. The only problem that they suffered from was that the sequels didn’t end up being as successful as the original movie. But they still managed to make an impact that was a lot more interesting than fans could have expected it to be. The latest entry managed to make it worse by mocking the entire trilogy and cracking jokes about it. It was more fanservice and less plot.

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