How Doctor Strange 2 is Setting Up The Death of Wong

Spider-Man No Way Home also featured Doctor Strange. Many assumed that this was to offset the absence of Tony Stark and/or Happy. But in reality, the movie was much more about Peter’s growth than anything else. However, this appearance of Strange brought us some interesting information. You see, the good doctor is no longer the Sorcerer Supreme. On account of being snapped for five years, Wong has anointed the Sorcerer Supreme, as there must be one to guard this dimension. By doing this, we think Doctor Strange 2 is setting up the death of Wong.

But what is that supposed to even mean? Well, we think Marvel has overplayed their hands when marketing merchandise for Doctor Strange Multiverse of Madness. New Marvel T-shirts have shown up on Amazon. These specifically flash Wong as the Sorcerer Supreme. While it is true that the veteran librarian is one of the senior-most wizards in the Marvel-verse, Marvel has never advertised the fact. The very fact that they are shining a light on Wong with such frequency betrays the hints of something sinister.


Death of Wong

I mean, think about it. What was the purpose of including Wong in a movie like Shang-Chi and The Legend of The Ten Rings? I’m sure many will call it bolstering Asian representation in the MCU but I call it subtle suggestion and manipulation by Marvel. Marvel is making sure that we are distinctly aware of Wong’s existence and how important he is to the cinematic universe. The purpose for this much exposure is simple, Marvel is setting up Wong to die in the next major movie.


Doctor Strange 2 is setting up the Death of Wong

Now the most interesting thing about all of this is arguably the rad design of the t-shirt that we saw. Although the implications are quite sinister we do enjoy the black and white Japanese-looking illustrations of the magicians. When that is combined with the graffiti style splashes of color, you get a very post-modern design that forms a great contrast with the background. Although the aesthetic choices are brilliant, the substantial story implications are even more interesting.


Won’t is the sorcerer supreme, he is the savior and the defender of our universe and dimension, and Doctor Strange 2 will explore the multiverse of madness. This means that the defender of the universe must fall so that the multiverse of madness can rise. Even in No Way Home, Strange was very worried about Wong finding out about the invading multiverse beings. He knew that Wong would not take kindly to Strange intervening in his duties. So it makes sense that when the multiverse descends into madness it will be Wong who will be forced to defend it.


But who will be his killer? Strange Supreme or a different evil variant of Strange will likely be the one to breach the boundary of our dimension. Wong may be caught off guard by this invading Strange who would be more than willing to use the element of surprise to his advantage. This fight would break our heart and the Sorcerer Supreme’s death will crush our soul. But things will happen as they must and Wong will most likely be sacrificed to the plot.


The Consequences

Death of Wong

After the death of the Sorcerer Supreme, two very important things will happen. First of all, Strange will ascend to the title once again, and second, he will realize that his actions have consequences. The Doctor Strange of our universe meddled with the concept of time and he tinkered with a spell that teeters on the edge of the known and unknown reality. With this in mind, we must evaluate what kind of damage did he do to the natural order of things.


Strange’s arrogance is what will lead to Wong’s death and he would not have the time stone to back and save him. This is his punishment for relying on magic too much, for meeting up the timeline time and again, and this is Mordo’s revenge. Do you think that Evil Strange will destroy everything we love? Or does it seem that the Sorcerer Supreme will win out in the end? Let us know in the comments down below.

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