10 Spider-Man Villains Who Could Appear in Spider-Man 4, 5 and 6

As the release date for Spider-Man: No Way Home comes closer we have been given details about how Tom Holland’s Spider-Man will be dealt with in the upcoming projects. There was much confusion over what might happen to the character once the deal between Marvel and Sony is over. Recently it was announced that Sony will work on an entirely new trilogy with Tom Holland’s Spider-Man. This is exciting news and it makes us wonder about the whole new set of stories we will get to see surrounding the character of the friendly neighborhood superhero. The character only works once we discover the antagonist that we will get to witness in the narrative. Let’s take a look at all the villains who could appear in Spider-Man 4, 5 and 6.


Fans would remember one of the most confusing scenes from this year’s Venom: Let There Be Carnage to be when Eddie Brock and the Venom get teleported to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. There has been no confirmation whether we will get to see him in the upcoming Spider-Man: No Way Home movie. But considering the plans that Sony has for Tom Holland’s Spider-Man, we can actually imagine a rather interesting narrative where he meets Venom and Eddie Brock. Andy Serkis, director of the Venom sequel confirmed that the two characters will meet. It is fairly certain that the two characters will confront each other in the upcoming Spider-Man trilogy from Sony.


Wilson Fisk

One of the major theories surrounding the upcoming projects in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is the addition of the characters of Netflix’s Daredevil series. The series was one of the most awesome adaptations from the Marvel comics and this was mostly because of Vincent d’Onofrio’s Wilson Fisk/Kingpin and Charlie Cox’s Matt Murdock/Daredevil. A recent leak revealed that Charlie Cox will be appearing in the movie as Matt Murdock and it was also found that Vincent d’Onofrio’s Kingpin was also set to appear but it was canceled due to some scheduling conflicts. But now that even the Hawkeye series has hinted at his presence we can expect him to appear as one of the villains of Tom Holland’s Spider-Man in the next trilogy.


Kraven the Hunter

Villains who could appear in Spider-Man 4

As a part of Sony’s ongoing movies that involve anti-heroes around the character of Spider-Man, we are going to get the Kraven movie with Aaron Taylor-Johnson in the titular role. This would be the first time that the character will be brought into live-action and we can be sure that this character will come across Tom Holland’s Spider-Man. Along with Morbius and Venom, Spider-Man might be facing his biggest challenge yet. There will be a lot of chance for us to see a rather interesting narrative that will see some of the craziest face-offs in Spider-Man movie history.



One of the narratives that has always been a part of Peter Parker’s arc in the past Spider-Man movie adaptations is the character’s friend becoming one of the villains. In the MCU Peter’s best friend is Ned Leeds and he is actually one of the most awesome characters in the movies. There is a major chance to convert his character to MCU’s Hobgoblin. In the comics, Ned Leeds ends up being Hobgoblin who is one of the most interesting villains amongst Spider-Man’s friends. There have been rumors that we will get to see this arc in the Spider-Man: No Way Home only but there is no confirmation about that yet. This could be an interesting arc to explore in the upcoming Spider-Man movies.



Amongst the villains that we have gotten to see in the MCU so far one was teased and hardly used in Spider-Man: Homecoming. This is the character of Michal Mando’s Mac Gargan who appeared as the supporting villain working with Vulture. We didn’t get to see the character get transformed into the comic villain persona of Scorpion. Now that we know that Michael Keaton’s Vulture is planning something from behind the bars, we can expect him to be involving Scorpion in these plans. This could be an essential narrative to be explored in the upcoming trilogy.



Amongst the various villains that we are going to see make a return from the past Spider-Man movies, we would be missing a few. Rhino, played by Paul Giamatti, appeared at the very end of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and it was not a very well-developed character. It is supposedly good if he does end up appearing in the upcoming trilogy considering the character is often associated with Spider-Man. This will also give Sony another chance at the character while developing his narrative in a better manner. He could be linked to an origin story that could be started way back in the upcoming animated Spider-Man: Freshman Years series.


Mister Negative

Villains who could appear in Spider-Man 4

A rather interesting villain that has not yet appeared in the live-action adaptations is the character of Mister Negative. The Spider-Man PS4 game had him as the main villain and fans got a chance to look at him in a whole new way. This character could be brought in the upcoming Spider-Man trilogy thus also investing in the market of the new fanbase that the character has got from the games. The character is actually the leader of FEAST, which is the homeless shelter where Aunt May volunteers. FEAST has already made an appearance in the trailers for Spider-Man: No Way Home and this means that MCU is already prepping for the villain’s arrival in the narrative in some future projects.



Another fun villain that we have seen appear in the Spider-Man comics and the animated shows is the character of Dmitri Smerdyakov aka Chameleon. The character could be a very nice addition to the upcoming trilogy considering he would make for an interesting challenge for Spidey. His ability to impersonate anyone is something that could actually be used to work out an arc where he is actually made to face another lawsuit. But it doesn’t seem feasible that the character will be a villain for an entire movie and this could mean that instead he can be used as a side villain who keeps bothering Spider-Man. Dmitri has already been introduced in Far From Home. So, he could simply continue!



Another interesting character who ended up appearing in the PS4 Spider-Man game is Tombstone. He is a superhuman mob enforcer who is quite popular for getting his work done and he is quite feared as a killer. The name “Tombstone” is often justified by the various crimes he has been involved in. Some of the biggest crime lords in New York, including Kingpin, have always identified Tombstone for his talent to finish his tasks. There have been various fights between him and Spider-Man where the character has been able to walk away unscathed. This would be an interesting narrative to pick in the upcoming Spider-Man trilogy considering the New York Mafia narrative is already under development in the ongoing Disney+ series Hawkeye.


Green Goblin

Fans were surprised to see their theories come true when Willem Dafoe’s Green Goblin returned in the second trailer for Spider-Man: No Way Home after teasing his presence in the first trailer. There are also major teases of the character’s updated costume in the movie and this means that he does end up using the resources he finds in the MCU. Sony might end up saving him for a completely solo narrative that will see him facing off against Tom Holland’s Spider-Man. Maybe we could get a different MCU-based version of the character played by a different actor. That could give us a chance to see the sinister six coming to fruition in the next Spider-Man trilogy.

So these are the villains who could appear in Spider-Man 4 according to us.

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