13 True Facts About Animals That Could Ruin Your Favorite Disney Characters

Animated movies have the liberty to play around with the natural laws and depend more upon the story to utilize the world according to its will. This actually ends up giving us some of the best stories we have gotten to see over the years in the various Disney movies. If the movies had actually taken scientific accuracy into consideration then we would have gotten completely different stories and it would all have lost its charm. There are various scientific facts that are given a certain amount of liberty when bringing forward the stories that we now consider beloved. Let’s take a look at a few of these scientific facts about animals that were left out by Disney in some of their projects.


Abu won our hearts as the capuchin who was Aladdin’s best friend. But Abu might lose all his charm considering the fact that Capuchin monkeys were on their feet with their pee.



The mice were the only people who actually cared for Cinderella and they even helped her under various circumstances. But let’s not forget wild mice are actually carriers of lethal diseases.

Donald Duck

Donald Duck’s entire image might be smashed in our heads considering Ducks often become cannibalistic simply out of boredom.



One of the most beautiful parts of the movie was watching Dumbo fly, but we are lucky elephants don’t actually fly considering they can defecate up to 300 pounds in a day.

Finding Nemo

Facts About Animals

If science was followed in the movie then Marlin would have eaten Nemo while he was an egg because male clownfishes tend to the eggs very carefully and if any egg seems to be damaged or weak then they end up eating them.


Finding Nemo

If we take biology into consideration then Nemo’s father would have actually been his mother considering all clownfishes are born male except when the dominant female dies, the dominant male becomes female.


Rat’s tend to sniff each other’s breath to detect what’s right for them to eat and this very thing could have helped the other rats know what is edible for them and what is poisonous by sniffing Ramy’s breath considering Ramy eats what he cooks.



Karchak should have been quite busy because the alpha male gorilla will mate with all the female gorillas.

The Little Mermaid

Sebastian should have eaten Flounder the very first time they met because Crabs tend to eat just about anything they can catch and crack open.


The Little Mermaid

Facts About Animals

Flounder is not actually a flounder but a tropical fish with yellow and blue tones. But that actually helped considering flounders are flatfish not very much cute.

The Lion King

Timon was alone in his pack and that’s why he was forced to befriend Pumba but we are left wondering why Timon became the last one left. This could have been clearly because Meerkats are rather murderous and often tend to kill their own species just so that they can maintain dominance.


The Lion King

Simba would have never gotten to take his revenge because whenever a new male lion takes over a pride, he tends to kill all the cubs. This would have meant that Simba and his dad would have committed infanticide.

The Lion King

The lionesses tend to abandon their litter if only one cub survives and this means that Sarabi would’ve abandoned Simba for dead long before Scar came to the scene.

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