New Hawkeye Footage Reveals That Kate Bishop is Working With An Avenger

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been growing at an unprecedented pace, mostly because of the flurry of the content we have got in the post-pandemic period. After the production delays were dealt with marvel had a lot of stuff to put out to the viewer and they did just that. They shrank their release windows and hit us with show after movie after show. Don’t get us wrong, we are not complaining quite the opposite, actually. Then there’s the fact that Marcel just released some new Hawkeye footage. Take a look:

Oh boy! That footage got us so excited for what is about to come. Up until now we had known that Hawkeye was supposed to be a redemption story. The fans missed the story of Ronin in Endgame because of post-Infinity War time skip. But now this Disney+ series will explore both the present and the past of Hawkeye in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We think that this will be a great opportunity for Marvel Studios to write a love letter to the character.


For too long has Hawkeye remained in the background of Avengers movies, like an unwanted sibling that your mom forces you to play with. Clint Barton is an interesting character, even though he is the only one with a normal boring family. Ironically, his white picket fence background gives him the most to lose. That seems to be the focus of this Disney+ show too, ‘What Hawkeye has to lose and how far he will go to save these things’. There’s a different kind of power in a man trying to protect something.


New Hawkeye footage

In the New Hawkeye footage, Clint Barton showcases his will. The lengths he is willing to go to make sure that his family is safe. This is what this Avenger is capable of. He has a lot a lot of things, he lost his best friend in Endgame, and he even lost his family. But this man has been through hell to make sure that at least some of the things he had lost could come back to him. There is no chance, whatsoever that he will let go of what he has regained. The hero’s anger overflowed when he became Ronin.


We wished to see the actor take up that good again and show us his skills on the trailer, but it is not to be. It seems that Hawkeye we’ll have six parts and it is turning out to be one of the biggest releases of the year. We cannot wait to see what the studio has in store for us. All eyes will be set on Kate Bishop at the start of the series for the main reason that she is going to be the person taking over the Hawkeye role in the MCU. For that to happen, the show has to make her lovable and approachable.


A hint of this is seen in the new Hawkeye footage as Bishop basks in front of a teenager, “I am working with an Avenger”. It is nice to see these new heroes respecting where they come from and how much their seniors are teaching them. Hawkeye will, most likely, take Kate Bishop under his wing. He may be hesitant about it at the start of the show but is sure to warm up to the young archer as time goes on. Maybe Kate and Clint can be the new dynamic duo of the Avengers, or maybe Clint will finally retire at the end of Hawkeye.


The conclusion

We can not know what is about to happen, but we can speculate, and at this point we are sure that Marvel’s Hawkeye will be the last outing for Jamie Rener. Hawkeye is a fun Avenger but there are better candidates out there who can be a part of the story in a much bigger way. Late Bishop may become a part of the team but she will not make the same impact as Clin Barton. This new Hawkeye footage is full of easter eggs but it also repeats a lot of the old footage.


The sequences are extended by a couple of seconds to give us the feeling of novelty. We do like the arrow-live wire used for grappling across buildings. What do you think about the footage and our analysis of it? Let us know in the comments below and keep watching this space for everything Marvel, DC, and Hollywood. Excelsior!!!

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