Game of Thrones: A Major Theory About Lord Varys Is Now Confirmed

The Game of Thrones season 7 episode titled “Stormborn” picked up from the last scene of the first episode and we finally saw the entire strength of Daenerys Targaryen including Lady Olenna of House Tyrell, Ellaria Sands of House Dorne and Yara Greyjoy of House Greyjoy.

Game of Thrones

Yara was of the view that they should attack King’s Landing right now as they have a huge advantage at this point with standing armies, massive fleet and three giant dragons besides them, but Tyrion Lannister (Hand of the Queen) disagreed with them and advised Dany to play it strategically. He put it eloquently: “You are not here to be Queen of the ashes”.

Lord Varys once said, “Storms come and go, the big fish eat the little fish, and I keep on paddling”. He was the Master of Whisperers on the small council, a Spy master, sometimes even called a Spider.

He has always been one of the most important characters of the Game of Thrones series, someone who drives the narrative forward, without being a central character. He is an argumentative intellectual, an astute observer, a skilled informant and a trusted advisor. He is a pacifist, while Little Finger is an agent of chaos.

Game of Thrones

The major theory was that his actual allegiance lies with House Targaryen and he is part of a so called “Targaryen restoration” club. He believes Daenerys Targaryen is the only one who can bring peace and prosperity in the seven kingdoms.

He managed to convince Tyrion Lannister to travel to Meereen and help her claim the Iron Throne when he had lost all hope.

He thinks that Daenerys Stormborn is a respected figure in the east because she enjoys massive support of the common people. She has managed to win the trust and confidence of common folk in the territory under her rule and even opened the fighting pits to respect the ancient traditions of Meereen.

In his view, once House Targaryen was overthrown by Robert Baratheon’s rebellion supported by Lannisters and other powerful houses, the entire realm descended into chaos and instability. Moreover, she is now a winnable player to put it plainly. The governance of Mereen is now in the hands of Daario, he brokered alliances with other major houses. She has united the Slaver’s Bay to her cause, brought unsullied and the Dothraki forces on board, she is unstoppable and can easily crush anyone who comes in her path.

But that’s not the reason why Lord Varys supports her. One of the key traits that distinguish between Lord Varys and Little finger is that the former is a peace-loving individual while the latter is the self-proclaimed agent of chaos.

Dany also believes in maintaining social harmony and peace. She is against senseless violence, she is an able ruler, not a conqueror.

Game of Thrones

Before Dany discussed her battle plans with the great Houses, she had an illuminating chat with Lord Varys. She reminded him how he sent his network of spies or birds as he calls them to extract information about her and even sent an assassin to kill her. He told her that he had to do everything to survive so he did that on the orders of King Robert Baratheon.

In fact, there is a great quote of Varys which is a symbol of his treachery towards Daenerys, he said to King Robert:

I understand your misgivings, my lord. Truly, I do. It is a terrible thing we must consider, a vile thing. Yet we who presume to rule must sometimes do vile things for the good of the realm. Should the gods grant Daenerys a son, the realm will bleed”.

Game of Thrones
Game of Thrones

But in the end, he pledged his loyalty to Queen Daenerys and vowed to do everything in his power to help her take back the Iron Throne. She accepted him and told him that if he betrays her this time, she will burn him alive. He replied that he would expect nothing less from a mother of Dragons.

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