Does Marvel Have a Chance To Gain The Rights To Venom And Carnage?

Venom: Let There Be Carnage is surely a success with the fans even though it has acquired almost a similar response to its prequel. The movie features great performances and has an awesome fight sequence between the two main characters. But one thing about the movie grabbed more attention than the feature itself. The post-credits scene is definitely the most talked-about moment from the movie. Often post-credits scenes give us a hint at what to expect from the next movie in the series. But this particular scene caught us completely off-guard and gave us something that was completely unexpected. It also makes us wonder how this affects the two cinematic universes from Marvel and Sony. Is there a possibility that the Marvel-Sony deal for Spider-Man might have also included Venom and Carnage? Can Marvel gain the rights to Venom and Carnage as well? Let’s find out.

Sony-Marvel Deal

The Sony-Marvel deal was of the utmost importance for a long period of time. It was a major deciding factor over whether Tom Holland’s Spider-Man could continue to appear in the MCU movies. The arc of this Spider-Man could have been completely ruined if Sony didn’t land the deal. Sony has been working on its own Spider-Man universe with movies based on characters around Spider-Man. According to this deal, Tom Holland’s Spider-Man can only appear in one more movie in the MCU after Spider-Man: No Way Home. Fans are excited to see what is next on the plate for the character once the deal is over.


Marvel’s Licensing

Before Marvel became a massive success with its movies that brought the heroes to the live-action screen with brilliantly executed movies and Disney acquired it, Marvel had to struggle. This struggle was mostly because of the financial problems the company was experiencing. To cope up with these financial problems they had to make licensing deals for some of its characters like Spider-Man and X-Men. It made sense considering they didn’t have a budget to bring these characters to the screen with live-action movie interpretations. But now Marvel has acquired the rights it had given to Fox for characters like X-Men and the Fantastic Four. But Sony has continued to keep its rights for Spider-Man characters to itself and continues to make movies based around them.


Sony’s Rights to Venom and Carnage

Sony owns the rights to all the major characters in the Spider-Man franchise. In total, they own 900 Marvel characters which include some of the most common characters we have seen appear quite often in the Spider-Man movies. Most of the essential characters include Peter Parker, Uncle Ben and Aunt May. These characters might fall in their cinematic jurisdiction. There’s not much clarity regarding the other characters considering the comic books have various crossovers for them. But it might include characters like Venom, Morbius, Carnage, Kraven, and Miles Morales. Based on the future Sony projects we can say that characters like Madame Web, Nightwatch, Jackpot, Spider-Woman, and the Sinister Six villains might also be included in this list.


Based on the licensing agreement, Sony can keep the rights to the characters only if they keep releasing a film every five to six years. This is the reason why Sony makes an attempt at Spider-Man and there have been so many reboots over the years. Disney could actually end up buying the Spider-Man characters at an agreeable sum. There was a report on a possible number for this sum being at $10 billion.

But for now, Sony will retain the rights to these characters as long as they don’t sell their Marvel characters or their entire company. So to answer the question, Marvel only has a chance to gain the rights to Venom and Carnage only if someone buys Sony, or Disney buys Spider-Man and co. Till then, Marvel will have to keep sharing these characters with Sony.


What Does The Venom 2 Post-Credit Scene Mean?

The post-credits scene for Venom: Let There Be Carnage includes a moment where we get to witness Venom and Eddie Brock ending up in the MCU. This was not even hinted at by any of the two studies and there were only hints at a possible venture where Tom Holland’s Spider-Man might end up opposite Tom Hardy’s Venom. But does this mean that Venom is now a part of MCU? There is no clear answer for this considering no information regarding the deal between the two studios has been revealed yet.


Let’s hope we get to see both the characters share the screen in an exciting new venture considering both of them have drawn sufficient attention from the fans. It could be executed using the multiverse that MCU is establishing in their Phase 4 slate of movies. This could provide us with a chance to witness cameos from characters of both the studios and even a live-action version of Miles Morales.

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