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DC: Here’s The Comic Inspiration Behind The Batman

The new trailer for The Batman recently premiered in the DC FanDome 2021. This trailer has the fans pretty riled up. The main reason for this is that Rob Pattinson comes off just Unhinged enough for us to be scared and excited at the same time. Watching the trailer for The Batman is like hearing an opera singer hit that perfect note in a solo that makes your soul leave your body The Crazed eyes, the Long hair, the Black Eye Makeup, everything compliments the noir aesthetic. But what is the comic inspiration behind The Batman?

To determine the answer to this question we did quite a bit of reading. We delved into what is known about The Batman project and what has been revealed about the story. Director Matt Reeves had previously revealed that he would be doing a story with a young Batman, ergo Bruce’s early years of crime-fighting. This is reminiscent of various experiments that the comic writers have tried previously Most Notably, Frank Miller created Batman Year One After the Crisis on Infinite Earths event.


This was meant to be a story about the first Year after Bruce returned to Gotham. The Comic had everything, from a Young angry Bruce Wayne to a Dominatrix and sultry Selina Kyle. Interestingly enough, Reeves has commented previously that he draws inspiration from Batman: The Long Halloween, Batman: Year Two, and Batman: Ego but the movie will not be following anyone comic. The Director has also pointed out that he aspired to a Noir look for the movie. This came across brilliantly in the trailer. It also cements The Batman as a detective story, returning to the roots of the caped crusader.


The Comic Inspiration Behind The Batman

Everyone knows that a Noir story needs a conflicted and self-destructive protagonist. This is usually achieved by what I like to call the triple cliché. ‘A Retired Cop with a drinking problem and an ex-wife’ is the cornerstone of the genre. However, Batman has a different addiction to deal with. We are talking about his anger. The anger that’s reminiscent of many comic stories including the ones mentioned by Matt Reeves.


The Anger of the Bat is infamous. It is often considered to be his one weakness. I mean, look at what happened in Batman: White Knight. The Batman literally beat sanity into the Joker. Contrary to what one would like to believe this was not a pleasant sight. What happens when you fight an uphill battle but then a flaming boulder starts rolling downhill? You scream your head off. That is exactly what Batman’s reaction is in the trailer when he finds out that a supervillain called the riddler has started terrorizing Gotham along with the already persistent mob.


E. Nygma is an interesting character. In so far as he considers Batman his intellectual equal. But his Riddles put lives in danger. He dreams to break Batman, to best him in a game of wits. What happens when such a character encounters that Batman is maintaining his sanity with one single rule? I am talking about Batman’s oath against using lethal force, one which he continues to display in the new trailer. What happens when a man like Edward Nygma (Edward Nashton in the movie) decides to make Batman break his one rule? We come to a situation like the one we saw in The Dark Knight…


The Truth

Comic Inspiration Behind The Batman

The Joker was a worthy foe for the Dark Knight for the simple reason that he tested the determination of Batman. It seems that the Riddler will be doing a similar thing. But he will do it in a way that corners the young Bruce from all sides. The design of the story is very similar to Batman: The Long Halloween. While the design of Batman’s suit reminds us of Dick Grayson Batman from the comics. It is also possible that Grayson might make an appearance in the movie since Andy Serkis does state his name.


But whatever is happening is sure to bring a lot of carnage to Gotham. Will our Dark Knight be able to deal with all of it? We doubt it since this Batman is new and not experienced enough to battle these foes effectively. Let us know what you think about our analysis down in the comments below.

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