The Training of Batman Against Darkseid Is Brutal

The training of Batman to take on Darkseid on his home turf is finally revealed. And compared to his training for past missions, this one is the most strenuous of all. This new training program of his was revealed in the latest, Aquaman: The Becoming #1. The recent comic book mainly features Jackson Hyde trying to beat Batman’s record in the program identical to his mission on Apokolips. The readers see him trying again and again to beat the master planner.


Batman has a reputation for preparing for every mission until he can do the task blindfolded. It is in his nature to train for every possible outcome but the new threat is not against a petty criminal from the streets of Gotham. Darkseid and his army of Parademons are ready to invade Earth for the Anti-Life Equation to change the reality forever. And it is now upon Batman to train everyone as they go on their expedition to the Darkest planet in DC, Apokolips.



Training of Batman

The comic starts with Jackson Hyde fighting a bunch of Parademons on what seemed to be Apokolips. Aquaman gives him the status report- Justice League is down and Darkseid remains. Hyde takes it into the muddied water of Apokolips and starts his search for a motherbox. However, it is after he grabs the motherbox that we get to know it was actually a simulation and not the real Apokolips.


Hyde gets out of the simulation where Arthur curry awaits him. Jackson seemed exciting about breaking his high score and acts cocky. He even challenges Batman to run this simulation but as it turns out he has already completed the course eight million times, or at least that’s what Curry told Hyde. Even if he was saying it sarcastically, there is a possibility that Batman could have done it millions of times.


Training of Batman

Over his time as a vigilante, Batman has gone against a lot of bad guys, but none of their powers even come near to Darkseid’s. Some critics have always mocked Batman when he goes against such powerful beings. But he always proves them wrong with the amount of training he does to complete those missions. And now, he is ready to take on Darkseid and his army of Parademons in the Aquaman: The Becoming #1. 

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