Instead of Ego, The Main Villain of What If Will be….

We have never seen movie universes before but none like the MCU. The concept of Multiverse has never been explored in any Cinematic Universe which is strange. However, Marvel is boldly going where none have gone before and they are doing it in style. Take the new What If…? show for example. Such a concept of the story was only limited to the comic pages a decade ago. But now with the help of Marvel, even these age-old comic tropes are coming to the big screen, in a way. The What If…? show has been getting crazier and crazier with each episode. Case in point the latest one brought Zombies to the Multiverse and now things will get a lot more crazy. Seeing how things are evolving we think that instead of Ego, or even Z-Thanos, the main villain of What If will be Shuma-Gorath. Read on to find out why.

For the uninitiated Shum-Gorath is a large tentacled beast in the Multiverse that houses almost an entire reality. He is only born of Thunder and only knows hunger. He is part of the Old ones, the ones who ruled from time immemorial. Often called the vast emptiness outside everything Shuma is the ruler and oppressor of Hundreds of dimensions. This kind of power scale is completely foreign to the Avengers.


Main Villain of What If

None in the multiverse can survive the wrath of this beast. In his own words,” Before all was, I was. Before time was, I waited. I fed on the screaming souls of the universes, drank the spoiled milk of dead stars. For I am the emptiness outside all understanding. I am Shuma-Gorath” 

He is the rumored villain of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of MadnessBut what if this tentacle monster destroys a few What If…? Universes before stepping into MoM?


The Ancient Ruler

Many of you may not know but this bumbling and imposing beast is the ancient ruler of the earth. Before anything else existed on Earth, Shuma-Gorath came here and settled in. He ruled with the other Old ones, consuming on the souls of Ape Men. Things changed and he was sent back to a different dimension. This may be the reason why we see him briefly appear in two separate episodes of What If…?. Both times the monster appears to be separated from the main reality through one portal or the other and at the same time appears to be insurmountable for our heroes. Even Strange Supreme can’t seem to get a hold of the beast, he merely closes the portal on Shuma-Gorath and uses the tentacles as a source of latent power.


Main Villain of What If

If you are confused as to what I am talking about then let me clarify. There is a tentacled monster lurking in the Shadows in What If…?. We saw him surface his ugly head in Episode 1 and then we saw when it came back in Episode 4. Both times the monster was only represented as tentacles through a portal. Although, in episode 1 the final conflict was pretty much caused due to Shuma-Gorath, and yet the monster was never completely revealed. Then in Episode 4, we saw Strange Supreme cutting the monster off before it could reach in and cause even more havoc. The reason for keeping the involvement of such a beast to a minimum is plain for all to see. It is theorized that Marvel is saving the monster for the Finale of the show.


The Main Villain of What If

As things progress we believe that all the episodes will start to mesh together, including all the heroes that are left alive. This is evidenced by the fact that Strange Supreme meets Captain Carter in the trailer for What IF….? Although, there may not be much to go on, we still believe that the team up sequence will in What If…? when multiversal heroes get together to take on Shuma-Gorath and his forces. The old one is the only one powerful enough to threaten multiple dimensions at once and we will need a lot many more heroes to defeat him.


The common belief is that the multiversal overlord can only be defeated by a multiverse team of heroes. As of now, it is expected that T’Challa Captain Carter and Strange Supreme will join forces with people like Thanos Gamora and a different Thor. Still remains to be seen how things will play out in the end but it is likely that the Main Villain of What If…? is Shuma-Gorath. There is also a possibility that Shuma will control all the other villains in the What If…? series including Zombie Thanos. This will make the final confrontation even more deadly. Let us know what you think in the comments below and keep watching this space for everything Marvel, Dc, and Hollywood.

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