Here’s How The Cameos for the Shang-Chi Mid-Credits Scene Were Decided

Marvel just released another one of their major superhero additions to the Marvel Cinematic UniverseShang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings are amongst the major releases Marvel has had this year. There are other projects that will come up after this that might invest in the success of this movie. The movie has already garnered a great response from the critics and the fans are really excited to see more of these characters. Shang-Chi introduced us to a whole new world of characters. This large range of characters might end up headlining their own projects in the near future for MCU. The end-credit ended up being one of the top highlights for the movie featuring cameos from some of the best characters in MCU. Let’s take a look at how Marvel decided which characters from the MCU would have cameos for the Shang-Chi mid-credits scene according to the producer.

Spoiler Warning for those who haven’t seen the film yet. Go watch it, people. What are you doing really?? It’s great. Go and have a good time. The Rest of you, follow my lead and scroll!

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings was one of the major solo ventures in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. One of the major moments in the movie was the appearances made by other characters from the MCU movies. This movie was an origin story of a superhero in the MCU after a long time. The last time we got such a movie was 2019’s, Captain Marvel. This movie also corrected how Marvel treated one of its essential figures in the past in a very fun and mature manner. The figure is the Ten Rings and the past movie being Iron Man 3. 


Cameos for the Shang-Chi Mid-Credits Scene

Like every Marvel movie, this one also featured some of the greatest events in the end-credit scenes. Shang-Chi had two end-credit sequences each one giving us something exciting about the future projects. The first was the mid-credit scene, where we see Shang-Chi and Katy getting introduced to the Avengers. This scene had one of the major cameos in Marvel movies as we get to see two MCU heroes, Bruce Banner, and Captain Marvel.


Cameos for the Shang-Chi Mid-Credits Scene

We hadn’t seen any of these heroes since the end of the Infinity Saga with Avengers: Endgame. They start discussing the origin of the Ten Rings and they discover that it’s unknown. The biggest moment includes Bruce Banner accepting Shang-Chi as an Avenger. He sort of made an informal invitation when he said, “Welcome to the circus.” So, Shang-Chi will certainly become a new Avenger.


The post-credit scene gives us a look at what we expect from some of the most essential characters in the movie, Xialing. Shang-Chi’s sister played a vital role in the movie in defeating the giant Soul Sucker. She is one of the most badass female characters in the movie and MCU itself. The scene shows us the future of Ten Rings with Xialing taking control and improving it according to her will.


The Idea For The Cameos

Cameos for the Shang-Chi Mid-Credits Scene

The producer for the film, Jonathan Schwartz recently talked with CinemaBlend to discuss the cameos in the credits sequence. He said:

We always had the idea for the scene. It came together relatively early in the process. We ultimately weren’t able to shoot it during principal photography for many reasons, but primarily because COVID shut us down, schedules changed, et cetera, So it got pushed to our additional photography period. And then at that point, it just became, ‘Alright, well, who were the characters that made sense?’ And that was a conversation with me and Destin and Kevin. And we sort of just had a call where we threw out our ideas and ended up where we ended up, which I couldn’t be happier with.


It will be very interesting to see how Bruce and Carol associate with these characters in future MCU projects. This was one of the biggest treats Marvel has given to its fans. The movie explored a story with a villain who could have had major implications in the future of the MCU. A cameo from Bruce and Carol puts things into clear perspectives about the movie belonging to the MCU. Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings is an example of what we can expect from MCU in the future and fans are really excited to see what happens.


Directed by Destin Daniel Cretton from a script written by David Callaham, Shang-Chi and the Legends of the Ten Rings stars Simu Liu, Awkwafina, Meng’er Zhang, Fala Chen, Florian Munteanu, Benedict Wong, Michelle Yeoh, and Tony Leung.

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