The Suicide Squad: 11 Questions We Have About Task Force X

The Suicide Squad came out with a bang in 2021, no one expected the movie to do good since the first installment fell flat on its face but we were pleasantly surprised by it. The movie made some major waves on the box office and has garnered a lot of praise from fans and critics alike. Still, there are some questions we have about Task Force X that are unresolved. Take a look:

Bloodsport vs Superman

During the introduction of Idris Elba’s character, Amanda Waller informs the audience that he put Superman in a coma. The mercenary accomplished this by using a kryptonite bullet. Now, to take down Superman with a bullet is an impressive feat since the Man of Steel can speed Blitz a bullet at his convenience. This introduction raised more questions for the viewer. Now, we have an insatiable urge to see how did Bloodsport pull off this feat. It seems that Idris Elba is just as interested in the answer as we are.

The Dream Team

The thing on which the success of a Suicide Squad Story depends is usually the set of characters that make up the team in that particular iteration. We saw that Harley Quinn was joined the team for the second time. They even reference this in the movie when Harkey says that she was arrested for petty crime after being released. So, I guess the question we have is this, how many of The Suicide Squad members will return for the sequel given the fact that they are free at the end of the movie.

It should be impossible for Blackguard to betray anyone

Questions We Have About Task Force X

At the beginning of the movie we are told that a team before this one was dispatched on the same mission, but most of them lost their lives. Blackguard betrayed his former team in favor of the Corto Maltese government and caused the death of Savant (Michael Rooker), Captain Boomerang (Jai Courtney), T.D.K. (Nathan Fillon), Javelin (Flula Borg), and Mongal (Mayling Ng). The only issue with this logic is that it was nearly impossible for Blackguard to plan a betrayal from inside the prison, so how did he get in touch with the Corto Maltese government. It can’t be done without outside help.

Suicide Squad 3

The Suicide Squad has garnered largely positive reviews. Fans and critics appreciate James Gunn’s take on the concept. He has successfully rebooted the sub-franchise into something we can be proud of, but the real question is whether we will get another sequel. DC may be interested in it seeing that James Gunn has already expressed an interest in doing a sequel, but the main hurdle will only be crossed after the final box office numbers come in. For we know that the inky true motivation WB has, is money.

Where is the Enchantress

During the 2016 iteration of the Suicide Squad we met June Moone and her resident ancient evil God, Enchantress. Rick Flag was assigned to protect Moone but ended getting involved with her. This led to a complicated situation when Enchantress decided to enact her plan for world domination. Rick Flag and June Moone were at the center of emotions for the first movie but this relationship is completely absent from the second one. We wonder what happened and if they are still together.

Where is Justice League

Given the fact that Starro’s chaotic invasion of Corto Maltese is extensively covered on the news, one can assume that the crisis is public information. Moreover, it is also implied that the movie takes place in the DCEU. If that is the car then we are compelled to ask why did the Justice league ignore the giant starfish who was terrorizing the planet. Did they think that petty criminals could do a better job than them? It is a very strange premise.

What do we do now?

After the end of their mission, Bloodsport coerced Waller into releasing the members of Task Force X. Specifically, a deal was made that the Harley Quinn, Ratcatcher 2, King Shark, and Bloodsport would be cleared of all charges and freed once they steeped on US soil. Unlike its predecessor, The Suicide Squad does not go into any detail regarding the survivor’s lives after the mission. This has left us with more questions than answers.

Who is Peacemaker’s villain?

Questions We Have About Task Force X

At the end of the movie, it is revealed to us that Peacemaker is still alive. In fact, he is being cared for at A.R.G.U.S. When Amanda inquired as to the need for this care, she was informed by her juniors that Peacemaker is needed to deal with a looming threat. The premise is very ominous and likely a cliffhanger for the upcoming Peacemaker series.

What is next for Weasel

Weasel was a fin character in the movie but one whose presence onscreen was short-lived. He jumped of the carrier covert plane when en route to Corto Maltese and was presumed dead by the team during the movie. But the mid-credits scene revealed that Weasel is alive and well as he is seen walking towards land. What is the meaning of this scene, is weasel important for the future? We have so many questions.

Bloodsport vs Peacemaker Finale

Idris Elba and John Cena’s characters indulged in a lot of healthy competition in the course of the movie. This competition turned into war when the Peacemaker attempted to end Ratcatcher 2’s life which prompted Bloodsport to end his reign of terror once and for all. The fight between them was epic and ended in Peacemaker’s presumed demise. But now that we know that Cena’s character is alive we can’t help but wonder what this means for this rivalry.

Why is Peacemaker alive

John Cena’s character was shot in the neck by Bloodsport upon seeing him target Ratcatcher 2. However, the interesting bit is that the character still survived. This does not follow beyond the basic plot armor. I mean, how do you survive a bullet to the neck by the man who put Superman in the hospital.

So these are all the questions we have about Task Force X. Hopefully They will be answered in the future.

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