A Kang Variant Will Join The Young Avengers (And He’ll Betray Them)

The Avengers are an iconic part of the MCU, they are also a staple of the source material. The Superhero team is so popular, in fact, that they have several different offshoot teams. The children of Avengers form the New Avengers, while another set of new heroes much inspired from the Avengers form the Young Avengers. The team of Young Avengers often feels like a more amateur version of the original Avengers. We will talk about who is on that team and how the creative heads at MCU have subtly put them in. But I need to tell you first that a new theory suggests the A Kang Variant Will Join The Young Avengers.

Reddit user u/Zuch124 shared this theory on r/FanTheories. He has gone into quite some detail as to how the Young Avengers will be set up in the MCU and even talks about the ones already planned. Fans may not know this but The Patriot, who was a part of Falcon and the Winter Soldier, is actually a Young Avenger from the comics. The user says that Wiccan and Speed will be a part of the Multiverse of madness. Stature has already been set up in the MCU, you know her as Cassie Lang. Kate Bishop was set up in Avengers: Infinity war when Hawkeye taught his daughter archery. The ones that still need an origin in the MCU are Hulking and Iron Lad.

The Theory

Kang Variant Will Join The Young Avengers

It is still unclear if and whether Hulking will be a part of the MCU, but the most interesting member would be Iron Lad. A lot of fans don’t know that Iron Lad is actually a version of Kang. Kang Prime is always Nathaniel Richards but the one person who becomes Kang after being a part of the Young Avengers. Iron Lad finds out that he will become Kang in the future and this results in a lot of moral conflict for the character. This is also a very big central point in the story of Young Avengers.

This is what the Redditor had to say about it:

“Iron Lad is also a version of Nathaniel Richards. Long story short, in the comics he finds out he will become Kang, steals a suit, and goes back in time to form the Young Avengers. Now with the infinite Nathaniel Richards in the MCU now, Iron Lad most likely exists. So I believe they will use his comic story beat for beat in the MCU. And a large piece of evidence to support this is his reason for forming the team in the comics. He forms the Young Avengers to essentially stop Kang, who was chasing him through time. Now with the way Iron Lad becomes Iron Lad, stealing a suit from Kang and all, it would be impossible to use his character without also adding in the Kang chasing him part.”

The Implications

This theory is very interesting given the fact that we rarely see any subterfuge in the MCU. The last time we saw a covert operation was during the events of Captain America: Winter Soldier. The second Captain America movie played it perfectly and we hope that this kind of thing can be reapplied in the Young Avengers. It would be interesting to see the internal conflict of a superhero when he finds out that he’s about to become a villain. Iron Lad is a beloved comic character and it is not often that we see someone like him go to the dark side.

Kang Variant Will Join The Young Avengers

But this transition may be very interesting given that both Kang and Young Avengers are starting to rear their heads in the MCU. New characters fighting new characters will form a self-contained story that can be used to bolster the Young Avengers. But this does not mean that we don’t want to see iron lad continue on the good side. If comics have told us anything it’s that a good dark side and subsequent redemption arc is probably one of the most interesting writing tropes.

The question is whether we will get to see this realized in the MCU as predicted by the user. The fandom has been vying for a Young Avengers movie for quite a while now, it would be nice to see it realized. Do you think that this theory has any relevance, or do you think it’s just wild speculation? What is your opinion on the entire thing? Let us know in the comments below and keep watching this space for everything Marvel, DC, & Hollywood.

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