New Loki Theory Answers Where The Infinity Stones Came From

Loki episode 1, “Glorious Purpose“, premiered on Disney+. The episode has disregarded the very existence of Infinity Stones. So, from Iron Man (2008) to Avengers: Endgame (2019), everything you know is actually rendered useless. the first episode doesn’t take much time to set the narrative. It showed a confused Loki (Tom Hiddleston) being arrested by the TVA. With him, we saw a desperate Mobius (Owen Wilson) trying to rope in Loki for their work. Also, we saw the Infinity Stones lying around like a piece of rock. So, this new Loki theory tells where the Infinity stones Came from.

Warning: Potential Spoilers For Disney+ Series Loki Episode 1, “Glorious Purpose.”

It was shown that the Tessaract was given to a desk worker of the TVA named Casey. But, his desk drawer revealed multiple Infinity Stones that have been collected by the TVA over the years. Moreover, he even revealed that these Infinity Stones are used as paperweights by the workers. It was at this moment that Loki as a show enhanced on an unbelievable level.

So we think to ourselves, how did they get there? Much to Loki’s surprise, no one has a definite answer yet. But we may have the perfect theory for so. As I said before, Marvel has completely shifted the focus from Infinity Stones to the multiverse and wizardry. If you would have looked closely, all the Infinity Stones were in their purest forms when seen in the drawer. So let’s dive into the theory stone by stone:

Space Stone

All stones were in their basic forms, which means their truest shape. No other versions of the Tesseract were seen among the jewels. This was shown by the presence of another Space Stone that is without its cubic casing. So this only proves that the TVA acquired these Stones before they were converted into something fancy. So, what does this mean for other Stones?  It means no Aether for the Reality Stone, no Orb for the Power Stone, no Loki’s scepter for the Mind Stone, no Eye of Agamotto for the Time Stone, and no Tesseract for the Space Stone.

Before this particular scene in Loki, where have we seen the Space Stone without the casing? The most distinguished time was during Avengers: Infinity War when Thanos crushed the Cosmic Cube and put the stone in his gauntlet. So I think that it is at this time when the Stone was pushed elsewhere. Thor might have found a way out of his restraints in a branching timeline, managing to grab the Stone back from the Thanos and escaped. Or, Ebony Maw might have taken the Stone as a means of protecting it or in betrayal of his employer and surrogate father. Well, he was the one to hold it before Thanos, so!

Power Stone

The Power Stone was almost the central plot in Guardians of the Galaxy, with Peter Quill going after it. But he wasn’t the only one, right? If you remember Ronan the Accuser, then you might remember that he even wielded the stone for a while before putting it into his war hammer. If he would’ve held on to it for a little longer, then he would perish. But what if there was a timeline where he actually kept hold of the Stone and survived? The Guardians would have had no chance against him. And there is exactly where the TVA comes in – To reset the timeline, take the power stone and stop Ronan from becoming so powerful.

The Guardians would have perished as well if it wasn’t for their trust in one another. So what if I tell you that in an alternate timeline, some of the members actually succumbed to the Power Stone and left us? This may have left one or two of the group’s members on their lonesome with the gem, resulting in the TVA confiscating their Stone and resetting their timeline.

Okay, I might sound a little off-the-hook but, what if we follow the What If…? timeline where T’Challa is the Star-Lord and goes after the Power Stone? Then that means that we will never get to see Peter reach till the Stone and the entire timeline wouldn’t exist. So perhaps his version of Star-Lord broke the Stone free before his branching path was reset by the TVA.

Reality Stone

Avengers: Endgame TV Spot Hawkeye Infinity Stone

The Reality Stones remains the most mysterious when it comes to this theory honestly. One might think, who did Thanos ever get rid of the ‘liquid’ stiff, the crimson goo, and fit all of it in his Infinity Gauntlet? The Reality Stone is hardly ever seen in its rock form, and always like an ‘angry sludge’. So how did the TVA ever got to the Stone in its rock form?

Thanos got the Stone from the Collector, right? So, perhaps the Collector was able to defend against Thanos for long enough to get away with it. This could have caused the Time Variance Authority to step in to ensure that destiny still arrived. I could look to the post-credits scene of the Thor sequel as well, the one where Lady Sif and Volstagg bring the Aether before Taneleer Tivan in the first place. So, maybe an alternate timeline could have the Reality Stone in Asgard’s vault in a more solid rock form?

Time Stone

Avengers: Endgame Theory Doctor Strange

The Time Stone, as we have all seen, is perfectly sealed away in the Eye of Agamotto. We have hardly ever seen Strange take it out, but he does like to open the Eye and show off the Stone. One key moment where we saw Strange take out the Stone was when he gave it to Thanos. Alternatively, perhaps Doctor Strange may have himself forced to pay a visit to the TVA. He saw 14,000,612 alternate futures in Avengers: Infinity War.

The mainline version of Strange opted to continue along the Sacred Timeline, but at least some others may have thought that they could beat those odds. As we know, they would have certainly made the wrong choice though as Strange made it clear that they only win in one of the outcomes. As Mobius also pointed out, that everything is planned. So anything to happen otherwise is out of the picture. Hence, this would have led the Stone right in the possession of the TVA.

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But there’s another possible explanation of TVA’s possession of the Stone. Strange has a simple, but quite unbreakable spell cast onto the necklace. But, an experienced sorcerer like Kaecilius or Ebony Maw may have found a way to swipe the Stone from the Doctor in another reality. The concept of a branch reality is established in the MCU now, and you are welcome to theorize even further!

Mind Stone

This part of the theory is a little too easily arguable. Vision carries the Mind Stone for most of the MCU. It was only when Thanos literally took it from Vision by breaking his cranium. But what if it didn’t happen in an alternate reality and Wanda actually stopped Thanos with her magic? So, Thanos lost, and the Stone is destroyed anyway. But this could have led to an appointment by the TVA.

What if I say that Vision himself gave it to the TVA? The TVA has a machine that is responsible for android aversion as seen in the first episode of Loki. It prevents robots from going through to speak to Ravonna Renslayer with the use of a soul-detecting gateway. One might say that Vision has some sort of a soul, but the machine might not see it that way. He is, after all, a machine. Thus, Vision might have walked through the robot detector, and left the only organic part of his body behind. A little bleak, I know, but I’m also talking about an alternate reality.

There’s another bleak theory that proves that it was in fact Ultron that was taken into custody by the TVA. Leaked concept art for What If…? revealed that the android would obtain the gems and embed them in his chest. So, one branch of reality might have gone too far resulting in Ultron embedding all the Stones in his chest, and then further getting melted down by TVA robot detectors.

Soul Stone

The Soul Stone is the only Stone that is not protected by any case or spell. Instead, it’s trapped on a planet called Vormir. If you want to get the Soul Stone, you need to sacrifice a soul to get it. The Red Skull revealed that he attempted to get his hands on the orange crystal. But would never be able to possess the treasure he sought. But what if he could do that? Once again, TVA’s interference to protect the Sacred Timeline is something we cannot ignore.

Another reality could have turned the tables. What if instead of Natasha Romanoff, it was Clint Barton who took the fall? This would have saved Black Widow for a while. But the TVA has to protect the Sacred Timeline. SO, they could have interfered and taken the Soul Stone for themselves. Resetting the timeline, and restoring the original course of events.

So is this where the Infinity Stones came from? What do you think about this theory? Let us know in the comments.

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