10 Most Radical Character Transformations Between Films

A few of the best things about following a film franchise is about getting to watch one’s favorite actor evolve or transform within the film’s narrative. The phase of change often leads to awesome character build-up both for the narrative and the audience, as both can connect with the character. In numerous circumstances, there are scenarios where the audience feels the transformation connect to them at a personal level. Making these transformations popular and worth the shot. The article focuses on characters as a whole, who have undergone both physical and emotional transformations while leaving a mark on the audience. So, here is a list of characters who underwent massive transformations for the sake of their characters in a given franchise.

Sarah Connor

Facts About The Terminator

We witnessed Linda Hamilton go from an ordinary young damsel in distress in Terminator 1, to the ass-kicking soldier in Terminator 2. Linda played the role of Sarah Connor who is the mother of John Connor, who has been prophesized to become the leader of the resistance in the movie’s narrative. The transformation witnessed Linda lose weight and gain muscles for a very rugged look in the movie’s second sequel.


The first appearance of Thanos was shown in the post-credit scenes of The Avengers, which witnessed Damion Poitier giving a side view pose of the mad titan, with purple skin and blue eyes. Fast forward to The Guardians of the Galaxy, the audience witness Josh Brolin playing the mad titan with not much of the titan’s purplish skin and also missing the blue eyes. This transformation was a lot far-fetched from the mad titan’s previous appearance in the MCU and has been the center of conversation for several marvel fans.

Laurie Strode

The Halloween series witnessed the protagonist Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) undergo a massive makeover from a slightly resourceful character to a complete badass, and battle-trained protagonist in the most recently released sequel of the narrative ‘Halloween (2018)’. The transformation speaks volumes, as the character is shown accumulating massive amounts of experience over the years in an attempt to prepare her for this day.


The audience were greeted by a very wise and experienced wolverine, in the movie called Logan. Although The transformation of the character is quite impressive, the most impressive is the look Hugh Jackman pulls off, in line with a mutant that has aged and who has secretly lost or has reduced powers of his healing factor, due to unknown circumstances.

Bo Peep

From the dainty porcelain love interest of Woody to the badass female protagonist in Toy Story 4, Bo Peeps’ transformation is quite drastic. She is seen in a completely transformed avatar of her former self, the long and movement restricting dress has been replaced by a more practical trouser. While her staff has started doing most of her talking for her.

Lord Voldemort

Lord Voldemort’s primary appearance in the Harry Potter franchise witnessed him arriving with a nose, on Professor Quirrell’s head. But later on, the dark lord, undertook a more menacing and dangerous form ensuring his look leaves a mark in the minds of every Harry Potter fan.


The Fast and Furious narrative antagonist made her first appearance in ‘The Fate of the Furious’, with long dread-locked hair, donning a conniving grin. But, her latest appearance in Fast 9 as visible through Instagram posts, has showcased her in a bowl cut look with a smokier make-up.

Michael Corleone

The most iconic and remembered transformation that one has witnessed in Hollywood, has to be of Michael Corleone’s (Al Pacino). The constant events in his family have hardened his stance towards life, and the 3rd sequel of ‘The Godfather’ franchise with the help of makeup effects witnessed a 50-year-old Al Pacino resemble a 60-year-old Michael Corleone.


Funniest Thor Moments

The fans of the God of Thunder, witnessed the Norse god go into a state of depressed gluttonous alcoholism. Thor went through this phase, post the loss of every person who truly meant something to the Norse god. We witnessed Thor transform from his chiseled self, to ‘Bro Thor’ surviving only on junk food, beer, and online gaming.


The ‘Evil Dead’ narrative witnessed Ash Williams (Bruce Campbell) go from a pretty regular dude to a hardened warrior battling against evil with a chainsaw as an extension of his arm. After the fact that he had to cut his hand off in the previous movie after it became possessed by an evil demon trying to kill Ash and his friends.

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