10 Hidden Plots Which No One Noticed In Popular Movie Posters

Movie posters are often the first look that reveals the title and the possible plot of a movie. In several cases, these posters are as simple as they come, but sometimes directors or the marketing team tend to make the poster sneaky. There have been several cases in the past where movie posters have been used to include easter eggs, many a time the entire plot of the movie in a single picture. The plots which have been mentioned in these, have been designed in such a way, that it becomes very difficult for anyone to figure out the plot until they watch the movie. Here is a list of hidden plots that no one noticed in popular movie posters.

Cars 2

In the poster for this film, if one looks closely one could see small car-shaped islands on the face of the globe. Connected to the main continents, if one would see under the C of Cars you can notice one of the many cars in the film’s poster. Revealing the main plot of a world with sentient cars running the planet.

Once Upon A Time in Hollywood

Hidden Plots No One Noticed In Movie Posters

Legendary filmmaker Quentin Tarantino has been known to come in his movies. From Pulp Fiction to Django Unchained, To Reservoir Dogs, and many others. But he hasn’t stopped till just the movies, he has even been known to bomb his movie posters as well. In the movie poster of ‘Once Upon A Time in Hollywood’ one can witness Tarantino sitting on a camera crane, seen directing a movie.

10 Cloverfield Lane

The ’10 Cloverfield Lane’ movie poster revealed way too many hidden plots about the movie. The first thing that one would notice about the poster is a character being trapped inside a large enormous rusty old mailbox, with an odd-looking house in the background. And if you look more closely, you would witness a small robotic head next to the house to the left, with two yellow glowing eyes. The head is a reference to the company’s brand logo.


The movie’s plot is revealed by looking at the lead actor’s name on the top left corner. The movie plot revolves around several of Sam Rockwell’s clones in the movie, which every day follow a mundane lifestyle and after 3 years deteriorate and start the entire cycle all over again. The movie poster shows a similar plot where Sam’s name starts fading as it moves towards a 3-dimensional background before fading away.

Toy Story 4

Hidden Plots No One Noticed In Movie Posters

Pixar has been known to hide several easter eggs of upcoming movies in their film posters. One such revelation came to light when the audience witnessed the Toy Story 4 poster. In the back of Bo Peep’s head, we can witness a painting that shows an old man playing a cards game with 3 dogs. A closer look shows the character to be the evil Charles Muntz from 2009’s UP.

Ready Player One

Probably the most thought-provoking movie poster from the entire lot. If one zooms closer, you can witness a small opening in the letter ‘R’ of ready. The whole sequence of words seems to form a built-in maze, which represents a giant maze for an egg hunt. With the Egg being placed in the center of the letter ‘O’ from the word one.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre

The poster represents a not-so-friendly face that’s been painted with random blemishes of color, and if you look directly at the bottom of this face, right in the middle of the chin. One can just about make out a silhouette of Leatherface, standing in that iconic, chainsaw-swinging pose from the end of the original movie.


Hidden Plots No One Noticed In Movie Posters

The movie ‘Spectre’ gives a glance at the villainous organization called Spectre and has embedded itself in every wrong business there is in the criminal world. A first look at the movie poster just reveals a bullet hole in a glass and the glass developing cracks. However, a closer look, reveals the logo of the criminal organization called ‘Spectre’, which resembles the legs of the octopus from the evil organization’s logo.

The Dark Knight

The iconic Joker posters were a hit with the DC and many other movie lovers alike. But if you look properly, you would notice something else written in red to the extreme bottom of the poster. First, it looks like some jumbled-up letters, but if one were to reverse them and rearrange them to form a sentence. The letters would read “A Taste for The Theatrical”.

127 Hours

Hidden Plots No One Noticed In Movie Posters

The poster of the movie is in itself the complete rendition of the movie. If one observes, the two rock structures which are seen coming closer to each other from the top to the center of the screen and again splitting wide apart, resemble the shape of an hourglass, resembling the entire plot of the movie.

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