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20 Times Fans Trolled Superman’s Outrageous CGI Mustache

Justice League is the movie that WB would surely like to forget. Even though WB tried to take a step in the right direction, the movie suffered a lot. By the time the movie reshoots took place, the big gun of the movie, Henry Cavill had been shooting Mission Impossible 6, and the contract of that movie did not allow him to shave the mustache that he had for the film.

So he actually shot the scenes of Superman with a mustache, and WB decided to remove that through CGI, and we all have seen how horrendous that actually looked. Check out the funniest Superman’s outrageous CGI Mustache memes that will make you laugh hard:

1. Terrible!!

2. Here You Go!!

3. Hola!!

4. Oh No!!

5. Turn It Off!!

6. Jesus Christ!!

7. Charismatic!!

8. Paint It Over!!

9. LOL!!

10. Oh Yeah!!

11. You Won’t!!

12. LMAO!!

Trolled Superman CGI Mustache

13. Oh No!!

14. Not At All!!

15. CGI It Out!!

16. Good Time!!

Trolled Superman CGI Mustache

17. Oh God!!

18. Just!!

19. Will Fix It!!

20. Haha!!

Trolled Superman CGI Mustache

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