Plot Holes From ‘The Avengers’ Movies Fans Couldn’t Help But Notice

The Avengers franchise has brought about a revolution in terms of a wave of fans from across the globe after the premiere of the first Iron Man movie in 2008. Since Marvel’s implication of its movies in four different installments which ultimately concluded with Endgame, which feature a multitude of characters over a vast ocean of storylines and plots all converging at one point in the Avengers Endgame. But, many Marvel Cinematic Universe enthusiasts have claimed multiple loopholes around the plots that we have seen in the Avenger’s endgame and these loopholes do raise an eyebrow and tend to get one thinking that why this idea never came to the directors. So here is a list of some very famous loopholes which have been brought up time and again in the Avengers storyline and we plan to voice them out in this blog.

Doctor Strange’s Teleportation Circle

Avengers: Endgame Doctor Strange Sorcerer Supreme
The Avengers Movies Plot Holes

During a fight in New York with Thanos’s children we saw Wong teleport Cull Obsidian through a portal into another place and when he tried to jump back to the portal to pass through Wong just closed the portal on him and his severed hand fell through the open Portal. Since that incident, neither Doctor Strange nor Wong has ever tried to do this with Thanos and many Marvel fans have been left wondering why. The reason is simple, severe Thanos hand with the infinity gauntlet and teleport to a place where no one passes by. So, then why didn’t they do it?

Thanos’s Bad Master Plan

MCU Phase 4 Villains Thanos

Thanos in the infinity war used the stones to wipe out half of the living beings from the universe in the hope that the rest of the population would survive the coming years. Then he went ahead and destroyed the stones so that they could not be used again.

Thanos Had Different Names in Infinity War & Endgame

Well, all is good. But the human population alone grew over three times in over 100 years, which means all the other surviving populations would do the same and in 100 years the entire universe would be halfway back to square one. Also, he does not show any interest in having to do the same thing periodically after every 100 years, and even if so, he has already destroyed the stones. So, him losing his arm was a big failure from the very beginning.

The Avengers Are Always In Sync

For some weird reason in all the Avengers movies, every Avenger is always in touch with each other over an earpiece on the same frequency, even with people coming through teleportation portals at random. Is it some stark or Wakandan technology that we were not told about?

They Should Have Gone With The Nuke, To Begin With

The Avengers Movies Plot Holes
The Avengers Movies Plot Holes

In the first Avengers series, when Dr. Selvig opens the portal to space to allow the Chitauri army to enter the air space over the states and start invading the city of New York. Fans have questioned as to why did the avengers, especially Stark did not begin with firing a Nuke into the portal saving him the trouble of going through it himself without the nuke on his back.

Nick Fury Is Clueless

For someone who was at the helm of the Avengers initiative, Nick fury kind of did not fit into the character of a clueless leader. From the start of his career, Nick fury had spent a decade trying to decode this riddle.

To start with he had made it clear that Tony Stark wasn’t a team player, Captain America was a lucky find in ice, Thor got involved in the whole story because it was his brother who was causing all the trouble. They planned on bringing Dr, Bruce Banner to track down the Tesseract through the gamma radiation leaking from the cube, especially when he has someone hidden in him who’s entirely made of it. Hawkeye joined just to get back at Loki for what he did to him. So, all in all, if the above scenarios would not have happened, was it going to be a Black Widow and an army of SHIELD going up against the forces of evil?

Laura Barton and her call

The Avengers Movies Plot Holes
The Avengers Movies Plot Holes

So, the events of Infinity War play out, and Clint Barton’s wife is wiped from existence which leaves no one in the house to take care of the cellphone, except Clint who has already gone berserk on a suicide mission killing all the mafia gang members around the world. So, the moment Bruce snaps his fingers and brings the population of people back into existence, how is it possible for Clint to get a call from Laura Barton when the phone was left without a charge for 5 years, guess only time will tell.

Stark And Nebula Forget About Jump Points

In the Endgame, it is shown that Stark and Nebula repair Benatar’s cracked fuel cells to restore 48 hours of flight time. So why did they not use that time to make use of Jump points, which are a universal neural teleportation network of an artificial system of creating wormholes in the space continuum or simple words an interplanetary highway allowing ships to fast travel across space by jumping between planetary systems which would have made the journey a lot quicker and efficient as they did not have much time to waste to figure a new course of action.

Why Not Use Thor’s Ability

The Avengers Movies Plot Holes
The Avengers Movies Plot Holes

In the first showdown between Iron Man and Thor, we are shown that Thor is Iron Man with a bolt of electricity which kind of supercharges Iron Man’s armor. During the battle in New York Tony Stark is running low on power and commands Jarvis to leave the power stats on the screen and does not ask Thor to supercharge his suit back to power, Why?

Is The Armor Not Good Enough?

At the beginning of the Avengers, we see Tony Stark fixing underwater power lines as means to clean energy. But, in the battle with the Chitauri, when accompanying the nuke through the portal finds difficulty breathing in space. As if somehow the suit had lost its power in outer space. How?

Why there is no use of military

The Avengers Movies Plot Holes

Many battles in the Avengers storyline could have used soldiers to help the avengers out in battle. In Avengers Endgame, just imagine along with Black Widow, Hawkeye & The Winter soldier if we had the Marines, the Air Force with their A-10 Thunderbolts, and the army with a fleet of M1 Abrams? Thanos’s army would have never had a chance.

Of all the above plots, which plot intrigues you the most?

Which plot can you justify with a logical explanation? The Avengers storyline has a lot many plots that may be mentioned, but have been answered in the due course of time, the above plots have still not been answered in any of the Marvel movies and thus do raise a question of suspicion. That is why we have taken our time to write about these plots which remain unanswered and if you have an answer to these plots do leave a comment and tell us about them.

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