Hawkeye BTS Photo Teases A High Octane 10 Vehicle Car Chase Scene

Hawkeye is swinging its production in full mode, and fans cannot seem to get enough of it. In 2019, Marvel confirmed that Jeremy Renner would reprise his role as Clint Barton (Hawkeye), one of the original six Avengers and that he would finally get a leading role with his own Disney+ series. The show will also star Hailee Steinfeld as Kate Bishop, and Florence Pugh will reprise her Black Widow role. The series will be loosely inspired by the comics by Matt Fraction and David Aja, which saw Clint train Kate Bishop to take over the mantle of Hawkeye. As per usual for MCU projects, little is known about the narrative for the series.

Renner and Steinfeld have been busy filming Hawkeye for several months, and it was through the start of production that Steinfeld’s casting was confirmed. The two stars have frequently been seen on set, but paparazzi photos aren’t the only way that fans have caught a glimpse of the series. Both the stars have repeatedly posted behind-the-scenes images from Hawkeye’s set.

The series appears to be adapting the fan-favorite comic Hawkeye from artist David Aja, writer Matt Fraction, and color artist Matt Hollingsworth. Steinfeld’s portrayal of Kate Bishop is highly anticipated by fans. The actress was already subject to fan-casting and rumors before her involvement was officially announced by Marvel boss Kevin Feige. 

“I’m just so excited. As I’m in the process of developing her, I’m working with some incredible filmmakers that are helping me bring her to life,” Steinfeld said during an interview with Entertainment Tonight.

“I can’t wait for people just to see how we are interpreting this character through the comics and in her own sort of ways. She’s such a badass, there’s no denying that,” she added.

Renner has now shared two more behind-the-scenes images from Hawkeye on his Instagram story. The new photos tease a huge car chase that will be featured in the Disney+ series. The first photo shows the planning stages of the action sequence, as ten toy cars are positioned on the ground. Based on other set photos and the trail of cars following it, the gold muscle car at the top of the image should be the one Barton and Bishop are in. Renner’s second photo teases him and Steinfeld in the actual car ready to film the chase. Check the image below:

The earliest concept art for Hawkeye featured Clint Barton and Kate Bishop in an action-packed car chase, so this could be that scene coming to life, potentially. It will be interesting to see if the car chase has any parallels to one shown in the Matt Fraction comic series the show is heavily inspired by too. That car chase saw the Tracksuit Draculas chase after Hawkeye as he helped the leader’s wife (whom he hooked up with previously escape. Since Clint is a family man in the MCU, that would be a surprising development for his character.

“We’re treating our shows as if we’re making our features,” Hawkeye producer Trinh Tran previously told, withholding the value of the series on Disney+ and its future in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

“I mean, the feel and the quality of those TV shows are going to be like the Marvel movies that you’ve seen. So that’s always been [Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige]’s mindset of let’s make sure that when people are going to be watching these episodes, it’s going to feel like it’s just one long movie except rather than two-and-a-half hours, it’s going to be much longer. And the idea behind certain characters getting their shows is because we’ll have a lot more time to be able to develop these characters rather than the shorter.”

Hawkeye, just like any other Marvel series’, is expected to include Marvel’s trademark big-scale action scenes, and these set photos seem to prove that fans will not be disappointed. The scene looks to be a potentially thrilling one that not only involves the element of cars but also places Kate Bishop at the forefront of the action against the Tracksuit Mafia. Clint is sure to have plenty of cool moments of action in the series. However, Marvel’s Phase 4 is looking to introduce the next crop of Marvel heroes to built towards the Young Avengers, so it’s exciting to see Bishop leading the action in the scene.

The new set photos certainly help build the excitement for Hawkeye, as it assures fans some action-packed stunts await them, featuring Clint, Bishop, and the Tracksuit Draculas.

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