5 Biggest Dragon Ball Plot Holes That Fans Can’t Ignore

Biggest Dragon Ball Plot Holes:

No movie or series goes without a plot hole and it is too common if we talk about it honestly. But some of them are totally ignorable, but some of them aren’t. Like seriously, not at all. And the Dragon Ball franchise is no stranger to such plot holes. From Z to the recent Super mange that has been televised, there have been some plot holes that we will put in front o you to see.

Dragon Ball is one of the most famous and successful mangas out there to ever land, and still continue to soar high in the sky with a fanbase that is too loyal, and always capitalizes the market to its extreme. Every new and powerful character introduced since the series debuted in 1984 has forced the Z Fighters to level-up or be defeated. Even human characters like Yamcha have been given the chance to level up thanks to the likes of Beerus and Moro. With such complicated timelines changing every now and then, a plot hole or two is something that you cannot skim by.

The Saiyan Tails Went Missing After Gohan

Perhaps the most famous case of Toriyama forgetting something previously established is the case of Saiyan tails. After Gohan, he completely forgot that Saiyans were supposed to be born with tails, creating plot holes with Goten and Trunks and their lack of them. Not even this, their tails weren’t even mentioned once.

Earthlings Still Believe Mr. Satan Is The Greatest Fighter

The people of the Earth constantly believe that the powers of the Z-Warriors are fake, despite the Tenkaichi Budokai being a huge event and them all witnessing the power of Goku, Piccolo, Tien, and more. They still continue to believe that Mr. Satan is the greatest fight of all time and saves Earth from all the threats. Just imagine, Mr. Satan vs Jiren. Wouldn’t you like to see that?

Cell Got An Instant Zenkai Boost From Namekian Regeneration

Cell boasts Namekian regeneration due to his DNA from Piccolo and uses it to instantly grow back limbs and get an instant Zenkai boost regardless of the damage. But if you know much, then the Namekian regeneration doesn’t work like that. It doesn’t restore stamina or ki. This means that he shouldn’t have been able to be healed the way he was in the series and shouldn’t have gotten his instant Zenkai boost.

Doctor Gero Never Chased The Dragon Balls

The gimmick and a key characteristic of Doctor Gero was the fact that he amassed a large amount of knowledge when it came to the subject of the Z-Fighters and their adventures. He was supposed to stop at nothing until he finished them off and got his revenge on Goku. If this were the case, then he’d have seen them collect the Dragon Balls many times. If so, then why did he never try to find the Dragon Balls, or better yet, create androids to find them? The Red Ribbon army had a Dragon Ball radar, and after years, he’d be able to advance it easily. Another plot hole brought about during the sagas starring the android menace came very early in the saga. After Trunks’s grand arrival and the flashy defeat of Frieza and his father King Cold, he warned Goku of two androids that would come and kill everyone close to him and more.

The Dragon Ball’s Recharge Time Was Shortened During The Red Ribbon Army Arc

Ultra Instinct Goes Against Dragon Ball Stands For

Despite having a recharge time of one year, there was one time during Dragon Ball that the team was able to search for them in a shorter timespan. After summoning the dragon, Goku goes to train, and in eight months after competing in the Tenkaichi Budokai, he goes to search for him again. This completely contradicts the established recharge. During the Cell arc, Vegeta states that pure-blooded Saiyan hair doesn’t grow and always stays the same. However, fans were shown during Dragon Ball Super that Goku and Vegeta are able to grow facial hair.

The arrival of Beerus and the beginning of the Dragon Ball Super era of the series brought about quite a few retcons that many longtime series fans absolutely hate. From Beerus being the one that made Frieza kill the Saiyans to Bardock’s story changing, there’s a lot they disagree with.

Despite these plot holes, Dragon Ball rests at the top of the anime pedestal, and won’t come down from it any time soon.

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