The Unexpected Ending of ‘Below Zero’: Explained

Since February of 2020, Netflix has started publishing a constantly fluctuating list of its most-watched web series and films under the category of TOP 10. This list has given people a ready suggestion as to what it is they should watch because most people in their country/the world are also watching the same content. Recently, Below Zero was seen climbing to the top of the charts right after its release on 29th January 2021.

Below Zero Ending Explained
Below Zero Ending Explained

Below Zero is a Spanish action thriller film that is directed by Lluis Quilez, and written by both Fernando Navvaro and Lluis Quilez. The film stars the actors  Javier Gutierrez, Patrick Criado, and Alex Monner. The center of the plot revolves around a prison transfer that is intruded when the van that housed the prisoners during the transfer gets attacked by a strange assailant. With everything going on, Martin (Javier Gutierrez) who is in charge of the transfer had to fight it out with the prisoners who were trying to escape as well the freezing temperatures. An instant hit film, it is being praised by a lot of people. However, there is some confusion around the ending of this film as well. In this article, you will find out the things you missed so as to finally understand the ending.

Warning: Massive spoilers for Below Zero are ahead!

‘Below Zero’ ending explained — What is the Confusion about?

Below Zero is a nail-biting thriller, layered with multiple twists in the plot. You can bat an eyelid and miss an important detail. Let us go over the final scenes sequentially.

At first, Martin is rescued from the ice by Ramis. The officer could have died and felt indebted to Ramis and in that moment of vulnerability, he allows Ramis to run away while asking him the name of the bar he wanted to open, very different from his rule-abiding self. Ramis tells him that he will probably name the bar Fandango, and adds that he will be going to the Dominican Republic. It is then he hears sounds of gun firing and follows the sound.

Once he recovers, Martin goes on to confront Miguel who was trying to shoot Nano from an open window of a building. Miguel is also the same person who attacked the van with the nails and later let Martin and the other prisoners out. In a matter of a few seconds, Miguel is seen turning the gun and pointing it at Martin, asking the officer to leave him alone.

Below Zero Ending Explained
Below Zero Ending Explained

This is when Martin asks him why he wouldn’t just surrender to him and stop committing crimes. In reply to that, Miguels tells him the truth about Sole’s (his daughter’s) death. Sole was only 13 when she was drugged, raped, and dragged by a car across a field by Nano and his friend. Miguel explains that Sole has gone to a carnival where Nani offered her alcohol, took turns with his friend to sexually assault her, burned cigarette butts on her body, and dragged her by a stolen car. In fact, Nano was the first one to rape her. Her body was never found and due to lack of evidence, the judicial system couldn’t help him and bring justice to his dead daughter.

“Only Nano knows where my daughter is,” Miguel tells Martin.

Martin was once a cop too, but when Miguel tries to reassure him that justice will be served for Sole and his family, Miguel breaks down saying the system and everyone else has failed him. At the beginning of the Miguel was the man who shot Chino, who had confessed to his daughter’s murder. Nano on the other hand had never even admitted that there was a murder.

While Miguel tells Martin that all he wants is to find his daughter’s body only to bury her next to his parents’ graves, Nano tries to run away, and Miguel shoots at him. Martin being the law-abiding cop tackles him and takes the gun from his hand. Miguel then empty-handed goes after nano and starts beating him up while Martin follows Miguel with a gun. Soon a helicopter flies over their heads and Nano chuckles, haughtily announcing he’d never tell him where Sole’s body is, thinking Miguel’s now getting arrested.

Below Zero Ending Explained
Below Zero Ending Explained

That is when something in Martin just snapped as he shot Nano’s foot, and then his hand off until he revealed that Sole’s body is dumped in a well.

Below Zero Ending Explained

The very last scene is where Martin is shown removing his personal belongings while looking at photos of his daughters and name cards from his locker at the Police station. It seemed to have carried forward the message that he said to his little girl earlier in the movie when his tire punctured in the middle of the road. He said that tires can be discarded, but the car should keep moving. Perhaps the makers were hinting that he is nothing more than a tyre who lost his job when he tried to do what he thought was right and that he is easily replaceable because the car never stops.

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