WandaVision Easter Egg Hints at Arrival of a Major Marvel Hero

If you haven’t seen Marvel’s first-ever Disney+ WandaVision series, then we warn you to tread lightly as this article contains heavy spoilers. The show has a sitcom satire and dee-cut east eggs. In the second episode, we saw The Bewitched-style animation as a prime example. It managed to perfectly capture the ‘60s era sitcoms. But not only this, but there are also a lot of references and commercials pertaining to other Marvel Cinematic Universe characters. Overall, WandaVision is not just about alternating realities or setting up a base for Wanda or Vision, it is a lot more than that in the sense that it is going to really interconnect the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Speaking of easter eggs or hidden references, there is this one reference that is so quick and sudden that if you blink, you miss. During the water cooler vignette, if one squints hard or blows up the image, they can make out “a-57” on the upper-right corner of the cooler. What looks like a model number is actually a nod to The Avengers #57, the October 1968 Marvel Comics debut of Vision. The said character is created by Roy Thomas, Stan Lee, and John Buscema. Stay with us as we take you a little further and deeper into the flashback. The issue had one of the best covers in the series, proclaiming, “Behold…The Vision!” The comic book origins of Vision, like his MCU counterpart, are bound to Ultron. Unlike the Marvel Cinematic Universe, where the Vision is the byproduct of Tony Stark’s AI helper JARVIS inhabiting one of Ultron’s spare bodies, the comics version of this Avenger is actually built by Ultron himself.

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That makes Ultron Vision’s father. Ultron built Vision to defeat the Earth’s mightiest heroes, the Avengers, using the brain patterns of another superhero, who’s the Wonder Man. It’s his refusal to become like his murderous creator that drives Vision to become an Avenger. Starting in Avengers #243 by Roger Stern, Al Milgrom, and Joe Sinnott, Vision was appointed the new chairman of the Avengers team after being damaged in a previous battle and subsequently repaired. This would normally be a cause for celebration but what the Avengers didn’t realize at the time is that fixing the Vision’s body led to a shift in the personality of the hero where he became much more powerful but also less caring about humanity.

However, in the comics, it’s the original Ant-Man, Dr. Henry Pym — not Tony Stark — who is responsible for the construction of the sinister machine. Similarly, Vision’s powers aren’t tied to an Infinity Stone, but rather to the original Golden Age Human Torch. This Human Torch was himself an Easter egg in Captain America: The First Avenger, on display in a glass tube at the 1943 Stark Expo. Unassociated with the Fantastic Four’s Johnny Storm, this Human Torch is an advanced android created by Professor Phineas Horton. Built out of the professor’s experimental synthetic “Horton Cells,” the android’s skin burst into flames when exposed to oxygen.

Though initially deemed a menace, the first Human Torch would eventually be recognized as a hero, and during one of his adventures, the Human Torch was duplicated by a villain, Immortus. Ultron, who was bitter from his first defeat at the hands of the Avengers, cooked up a plan for revenge. He got his hands on the duplicate Human Torch and kidnapped Professor Horton. As his captive, Horton altered the android to suit Ultron’s needs. The android was tinted red, and the Horton Cells were altered so this android would possess density shifting powers, no longer busting into flames.

Ultron sent his new creation after The Avengers, and the Wasp encountered him first, describing the android as, “some sort of unearthly inhuman vision.” The Vision was subdued, and the team regrouped to examine him. Once together, Vision turned back on and fought the Avengers a second time. Vision found himself unexpectedly sympathetic to the Avengers and agreed to lead them back to Ultron. There, he turned on his master, breaking through the programming of his control crystal and proving pivotal in Ultron’s second defeat.

WandaVision Easter Egg Hints at Arrival of a Major Marvel Hero

He was tested by Thor, Captain America, and Iron Man, who deemed him worthy and allowed him to join the team as The Vision. His romance with Scarlet Witch would happen years later, but since his introduction, Vision has been a staple member of The Avenger’s roster.

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