10 Best Parody Movies of All Time That You Must Watch

The difference between a parody and a regular comedy is that the former takes a dig at well-known subjects. It shows things from a different and hilarious angle that’s impossible to ignore. Most of the parodies are inspired by a source. But once you watch them, you can’t go back and see the original movies the same way. And don’t worry! You don’t have to necessarily be familiar with the inspirations. So, without further ado, let us dive into the 10 best parody movies of all time that you must watch. This bunch was loved by the audience and also scored outstanding ratings.


The most recent parody that has went on to become an international success comes under the wing of one of the biggest names, Marvel. After struggling through disastrous roles inflicted on him, the witty Ryan Reynolds has finally found his soulmate in the merc-with-a-mouth, Deadpool. It takes a dig at superhero films and breaks the fourth wall while existing in the Marvel Universe.

What We Do In The Shadows

Best Parody Movies of All Time
Best Parody Movies of All Time

A comedy that is attached to Taika Waititi is bound to be eccentric and witty. Directed by Mr. Waititi and Jamie Clement, “What We Do In The Shadows” is a mockumentary starring Taika, Jamie, and Jonathan Brugh as vampires who are dealing with regular human problems. But these ancient vampires have to overcome one tiny problem first; to blend in with modern times.

Monty Python and The Holy Grail

This classic comedy is set up in the serious medieval times of the mythical King Arthur. As he and his army embarked on a mission to find the Holy Grail, they are confronted by Black Knight, a violent rabbit, a three-headed giant, and more. Somehow, this bizarre piece of 1975 continues to be one of the best comedies whose jokes will still crack you up in the 21st century.

Shaun Of The Dead


“Shaun Of The Dead” may be a zombie-romantic-parody, but its crafting should inspire other action and rom-coms. Made by the brilliant Edgar Wright along with Simon Pegg, this “zom-rom-com” surpasses the original zombie films. And unlike other jokes that don’t age well, this parody’s silly comedy is only getting more and more hilarious over time.

Sausage Party

Best Parody Movies of All Time
Best Parody Movies of All Time

The R-Rated movie gives a whole new perspective to popular CGI animated movies for animated. “Sausage Party” highlights some scenes from “Toy Story” but in this world, it isn’t the toys but foods that come to life. It depicts the adventures of Frank the sausage, Brenda the hot dog bun, Teresa Taco, and Sammy Bagel Jr. at the supermarket who are excited to accompany a customer and find a home for themselves. Things take a sharp turn when they learn what happened to their food friends. And why this film is R-rated? Well, find that out yourselves.

The Naked Gun

Have you ever watched a movie that leaves you breathless? This cop parody throws you into fits of laughter so many types that you will be gasping for breath. It is filled with stomach-achingly hilarious dialogues that have aged into popular quotes. Where will you find a cop coming to rescue just after the crime has been already committed and admitting “your husband wasn’t dead then”?

Galaxy Quest

A “Star Trek” parody? Heck Yes! With a cast of A-list actors, this genius piece couldn’t be ignored even by the loyal Trek fans. A group of actors from the space-show are mistaken for real-life heroes when they are contacted by aliens to protect them from their alien warlord. This brilliantly written SciFi beams with a good story and sharp comedy. Even SciFi fans couldn’t help but love this spoof.

Blazing Saddles

If you are not familiar with the works of Mel Brooks, then jump into his movie marathon right away. “Blazing Saddles” pokes fun at the Wild West by including all its essential elements- a greedy politician and businessman, a malicious sheriff, and an alcoholic cowboy hero. As one of the best Western comedies, this movie will surely make a place in your list of all-time favorites.

Young Frankenstein

If you are a Frankenstein fan and haven’t this piece, then you are missing out on a great deal of fun. After all, it is directed by the legendary director of parodies, Mel Brooks. “Young Frankenstein” mixes the thrill of the famous monster with sophisticated and silly comedy.


Best Parody Movies of All Time
Best Parody Movies of All Time

This hilarious spoof got way better ratings than the movie it was inspired from. Poking fun at the thriller “Zero Hour!”, it marks the time when Hollywood was obsessed with plane disaster movies. There is a plethora of parodies on this movie-Air Traffic Controller Johnny, The Mirror Gag, Roger, Roger, Oveur, Over, etc., but Airplane! stands out as the most legendary one for rewriting the whole script.

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