10 Amazing Theories About Iron Man That Will Blow Your Minds

Theories About Iron Man: 

It has been about two years since our most favorite Marvel Avenger, Iron Man saved the universe at the cost of his own life and happiness in Avengers: Endgame. After the events of Avengers: Infinity War, Tony Stark was the only one who didn’t lose anything but found everything that he was always missing, the love of his life, Pepper Potts, and a beautiful daughter, Morgan Stark. Yet, he risked seeing his family ever again to get back on the field and bring back others’ loved ones, including his mentee, Peter Parker aka Spider-Man.  Tony Stark did succeed in his mission by not only saving the lost lives but also by finishing off Thanos and his army. MCU fans are still not over losing Iron Man and are finding every way he can return. They are trying to fill this void by digging out interesting theories about the Marvel superhero that are believable and are pretty mindblowing. Find out the 10 amazing fan theories about Iron Man that will blow your minds.

Howard And Tony’s Meeting In Past

Theories About Iron Man

Howard Stark may not have recognized Tony when the latter traveled back in time in “Avengers: Endgame”. But Howard was no ordinary man, he would have understood when his son had grown up to look like the man he once met and spoke to. Howard was a scientist who experimented on theories and created things with the help of science that was deemed impossible by common people. Knowing that his son became a genius man and a scientist in the future encouraged Howard to create technology and SHIELD that would be ready for his son. This could also explain why Howard spoke about Captain America to Tony so much because he hoped that the two would be working together in the future.

Mysterio and Tony Stark

Spider-Man: Far From Home Reviews

We are no strangers to Tony Stark’s love for acronyms. Even the pair of high-tech AI glasses named E.D.I.T.H. in Spider-Man: Far From Home stood for “Even dead, I’m the hero”. This pair of glasses monitored the security and defense intelligence and weapons. Tony Stark handed over EDITH to his apprentice, Peter Parker aka Spider-Man so he could look after Earth. The whole plot of Far From Home where Spider-Man had to stop Mysterio was based on EDITH. Mysterio used the glasses to wreak havoc in the world but was finally stopped and killed (probably) by Spider-Man. Despite his death, he made sure to turn Peter’s life hell by revealing his identity through Daily Bugle and portraying Spidey as the villain and himself as the hero. This runs parallel to Tony’s “Even dead, I’m the hero”.

Harley Keener or Peter Parker?

Theories About Iron Man

Several fan theories state that before Marvel and Sony’s deal on Spider-Man took off, MCU had planned to make Harley Keener as Tony’s mentee. For starters, actor Ty Simpkins was signed for a three-movie deal, and the way Harley and Tony’s bonding was established in Iron Man 3 indicated their future father and son-like relationship that Tony and Peter now share. Had Spider-Man not returned to MCU, Harley would have probably showed up in “Captain America: Civil War” as Iron Lad.

Falcon’s Apology To Tony

When Vision was aiming for Falcon in “Captain America: Civil War” but misfires and accidentally hits Tony’s buddy and wingman, War Machine, he plummets straight on the ground and crashes. After it happens, Sam immediately lands after them and apologizes to Tony. His sorry meant more than dodging Vision’s hit. According to fans, Sam could empathize with Tony as he had also lost his wingman in the Air Force during a flight operation who fells on the ground.

Iron Man Song Foreshadowing


The song by Black Sabbath that plays in the credits of Iron Man goes like it’s about the superhero Iron Man who turned into steel in the magnetic field by traveling to witness the future of earth that is peril. It further adds that as Iron Man returns to warn the people about the future destruction, no one believes him. This forces Iron Man to take vengeance by bringing the future destruction himself. It foreshadows the events of “The Avengers” and “Avengers: Age of Ultron” as Tony Stark traveled into space through the portal and witnessed the alien ship as a threat to mankind in the future. When he returns, he goes through PTSD and tries to convince everyone about the alien threat that awaits earth’s destruction. When no one believes him, he creates Ultron to protect the earth which ends up becoming a very threat to mankind.

Iron Man Suit Was Made of Uru

The “New element” that Howard Stark had documented in his model but couldn’t create was none other than Uru. Many have argued that the drastic change in Iron Man’s suit was due to Vibranium but a fan has a new theory. According to this fan, Vibranium was already discovered in 1940 when Captain America’s Shield was created and Tony told Jarvis that he had tried every combination to replace the previous metal suit, which would also include Vibranium. Moreover, if Tony had used Vibranium, Ultron wouldn’t have approached Ulysses Klaue. So, there is a high possibility that the Iron Man suit was made of the metal that was used to form Infinity Gauntlet, Mjolnir, and Stormbreaker.

Howard Stark Injected Super Soldier Serum In Tony

Theories About Iron Man

Howard Stark was not only a genius scientist but also a man with foresight. It can be explained with how he hid the “new element” in his model of “City of Future” only for his son Tony to find. According to fans, Howard had projected the fall of SHIELD at the hands of Hydra and therefore replicated the Super Soldier formula for his son. These could be the same Super Soldier Serum that Winter Soldier was seen stealing, followed by murdering Howard and Maria in “Captain America: Civil War”.

Tony Stark aka Iron Man has been though pretty fatal situations- from shrapnel piercing through his heart to going to space and wormhole, poisoning of the blood, etc. Yet, somehow he has managed to survive all of them that an average human being couldn’t have survived.

Iron Man 3000

Many fans believe that Tony Stark’s daughter, Morgan wearing the “Rescue” helmet was an Easter egg for her future as a superhero. She could grow up to become an Avenger like her father as Rescue and will be mentored by none other than uncle Peter Parker.

Ben Parker in Iron Man

Theories About Iron Man

During the press conference in Iron Man, Tony Stark addresses a journalist as “Ben”. And if we go back to Peter Parker’s story, he has always worked in Daily Bugle as a reporter. Since a journalist named “Ben” couldn’t be a coincidence, some fans like to believe Ben’s career could be a driving force for Peter to join the Daily Bugle in the future.

Ant-Man Was Expecting Iron Man

Dusted Avengers Quantum Realm

The last time Ant-Man saw Iron Man and the rest of Avengers was before the Infinity War. He was stuck in the Quantum Realm when the fight against Thanos took place and half the universe turned into dust. The moment he came out of the Quantum Realm and discovered that half his friends and loved ones were missing, he headed straight for the Avengers headquarters, expecting to see Tony Stark because in his mind, Captain America was still a fugitive and Iron Man was the legal Avenger. That’s why Scott Lang kept introducing himself as Ant-Man. He wouldn’t have reminded Cap that he was Ant-Man given that he fought for his team.

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