Marvel: Iron Man Flaunts What His Symbiote Suit Is Capable Of

Iron Man Flaunts Symbiote Suit:

We do not often see Iron Man on the losing end of the battle. Sure, we have seen him struggle but then he has always come forth. As we go in that deep end, we see Tony standing on the horns of dilemma once again in Marvel’s King of Black crossover event where Tony plans to get Eddie Brock back into fighting shape by taming a symbiote, eventually killing the former Venom, and Tony is not feeling about it. But, he is not aware of the one who is fighting by his side – undoubtedly one of the Marvel Universe’s most iconic figures.

 Iron Man Flaunts Symbiote Suit

As Tony glares over the leftover remains of New York City from the top of a skyscraper, his despair is hindered by Doctor Doom, who has no interest in sympathizing with Eddie brick’s death and offers Tony a voice of reason and encouragement. He pursues Iron Man to not belittle himself and reminds him that he is not the one who backs down in the corner and shrills, that he has never given up before, and they’re certain isn’t time to do so. As they talk, their conversation is interrupted by what just had been drawn in the sky. None can believe what they’re seeing but the two are undoubtedly looking at a flying sleigh drawn by reindeer. Unfortunately, this Christmas miracle has been distorted and remade by Knull’s living darkness. It might not be the Kris Kringle that Tony was hoping for, but it’s a perfect opportunity to put his new Extremis-infused symbiote suit to test.

 Iron Man Flaunts Symbiote Suit

Initially, Tony and Doom are pushed to the ground because of the vicious symbiotic vomit from Santa’s reindeer, which is then followed up by an exploding gift courtesy of Saint Nick himself. Even so, the two are quickly back to their feet, and on the way to catch their target. Even though the Extremis-laced symbiote that Tony had procured for Eddie did not work in his favor or serve its purpose, but it definitely made Tony a hell lot stronger. Soon enough, Iron Man gets a hold of the sleigh and continues to unleash his symbiote tendrils, engulfing the carriage entirely and then turning the whole thing midair resulting in the evil Father Christmas dropping down below. Both, Tony and Victor, rush to catch the falling Santa, but none of them are able to catch the falling Santa, and he crashes through a car on the street.

 Iron Man Flaunts Symbiote Suit

Tony is initially shaken by this apparent act of Santacide, only to be further shocked when the symbiotic ooze he had unleashed on the sleigh returns to him on its own. Kris Kringle doesn’t stay down long enough for the duo to discuss this development, rising from the wreckage with a profanity-laden cry before unleashing his own torrent of living darkness at his assailants. Tony meets this blast with one of his own, the two colliding mid-air to create a massive explosion that rocks the entire block.

But that wasn’t the end as Santa rises again. But now, he is freed from Knull’s influence but did good enough damage. Now, this catches Doom’s attention and he remakes on the fact that Iron man was the one who was able to get rid of Santa of his assimilation into the symbiote hive — an ability that Knull has already set his sights on rooting out in the form of Dylan Brock. What does this mean? It means that if Doctor Doom is right, Tony’s new powers are unlike any others and how the new Extremis-infused symbiote suit is one hell of an armor. And this armor might be the only thing to stop the dark god’s reign of terror.

 Iron Man Flaunts Symbiote Suit

Earlier, when Eddie Brock was thrown off the Empire State Building he hits the ground, severely wounded and nearly dead. Fantastic four tried to take care of Eddie, but as they were doing that Iron Man came in, and devises a plan to keep Eddie alive. He believes that Eddie is the only one who can do that but for this plan to work, he needs to get his hands on a symbiote dragon, which is considerably bigger and more powerful than a regular symbiote. Iron Man heads back out and he finds the nearest symbiote dragon.

Since he needs to free the dragon from Knull’s control, Stark has to rewrite the creature’s DNA using the Extremis technology. He injects the dragon with the virus, and it’s successful in freeing the symbiote from Knull’s control. Instead, it forms a bond with Stark and merges with him so he may be able to take it back to the Fantastic Four’s laboratory. When Iron Man returns, he now has a whole new look: the symbiote dragon has partly covered him to give him a new black and green armor.

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