10 Major Plot Holes In Avengers: Endgame That Should Be Resolved

It’s very clear that fans from all around the world literally loved Avengers: Endgame, so much so that they were overwhelmed with emotions throughout the movie. It’s was a groundbreaking movie, and was a perfect end to the Infinity saga. We saw some of our favorite characters leave which made us feel vulnerable, but that’s okay, it’s fictional and something else will add up to it. But this does not mean that we won’t be looking at some issues with the movie. We loved the movie as much as you did but, let’s weigh in some of the cons today. Here are some of the plot holes in Avengers: Endgame:

1. How Does Steve Rogers Turn The Space Stone Back Into A Tesseract?

When Steve Rogers and Tony Stark go back in time to get the Space Stone, it’s still in the form of the Tesseract. At the end, when Steve goes back to return the Space Stone. How did he turn the Space Stone back into Tesseract? the Space Stone is still just a stone, That seems like it’d make a pretty massive difference in the timelines if the Tesseract magically turned into a pure Space Stone for no apparent reason.

2. Wouldn’t The Society Collapse If So Many People Returned After 5 Years?

When half of humanity was revived again after 5 years, it seemed great. Families were reuniting once again, everyone was happy, and the Thanos-snap effect was reversed. But was it all good though? Think about this –  How did the government manage to get a hold of millions of citizens that reappeared? Did the citizens reacquire their property, jobs, claims, etc., as soon as they came back? What kind of ecological drawbacks would the world have seen if half of the universe just magically reappeared after 5 long years? 

3. So Much Through the Quantum Realm? 

Avengers: Infinity War Thanos Soul Stone

Via Banner and Lang, the Avengers were able to move time but Tony realized that it won’t be possible without a GPS sort of thing. So they created that. Later on, when Thanos catches Future Nebula in 2014, he learns of his trick and sends in the 2014 Nebula to 2023. Now considering that she is from the past in the current scenario of the movie, how was she ever able to learn the high-end technology so quickly that all it took her was 5 minutes on the console, and she was able to get a spaceship big enough to reside a small size country on it through the Quantum Realm, and that too without any Pym Particles? Like, okay?

4. Is Black Widow’s Demise Really A Sacrifice?

You know how the Soul Stone works. Red Skull explains in Infinity War that “to ensure that whoever possesses it understands its power, the stone demands a sacrifice.” But in Endgame, we see both of them trying to sacrifice themselves, which isn’t exactly how it should be. Hawkeye has a family, that perished when Thanos snapped his fingers. But Black Widow? Natasha has affection towards a lot of people, and obviously a special connection with Bruce Banner. This doesn’t pan out exactly. The only way to acquire the Soul Stone is to sacrifice “that which you love,” meaning “a soul for a soul.” For Thanos, that means sacrificing Gamora, presumably the one person he loves the most. Later, when talking to young Gamora, he says he’s sacrificed “everything.” So yes, you know what we’re talking about. 

5. A Van With A Nuclear Device In It Is Put Into Storage With No Notice?

When Ant-Man returns from five years stuck in the Quantum Realm, he returns to the van that has the Quantum Tunnel stored inside it. Of course, in the intervening time, the van has been moved to a storage facility in San Francisco. But you see, in the times of such event, nobody would have let that van remain in one piece and would have ripped the van of its thing. Maybe it did not happen because Cassie might have vouched for it or the government knew that it belongs to the superhero Ant-Man and let it be. But you do not just put a van in storage that straight-up has a device that looks like a piece of nuclear equipment. They could have also sent the van to the Avengers because, why not? Anything that works.  

6. What Has Captain America Been Doing For The Last 70 Years?

Captain America, when returning to his old school sweetheart is a man who has seen the future as it is, from P.O.V., but the problem is that he apparently never decided to help out with the world’s problems again.

Think about it: from 1940-something to 2023, Captain America apparently does nothing except putter around the house during moments of crisis like Vietnam, 9/11, and basically every bad thing that’s happened since WWII. If he had intervened somehow, surely S.H.I.E.L.D. (who is actually HYDRA, remember) would know about it and would find a way to keep tabs on him. Instead, they still believe the “real” Captain America is frozen on ice or otherwise lost to time for decades. So basically Roger went to live a life and let the world around him go to hell.

7. Shouldn’t Our World Now Be Overrun With Darkness?

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Bruce Banner convinces The Ancient One that it is okay for her to give him the Time Stone as he will give it back to her and there will be no new alternate reality. She says if he takes the stone, it’ll create a new reality, and “in this new branch reality… our world will be overrun, millions would suffer.” Bruce assures her that it’s fine, and they’ll bring the Time Stone right back, thereby preventing an alternate reality. Thanos anyway destroys all the stones and reduces them to atoms, right? Then, where is the darkness? When Thanos said that he used the stone one last time to destroy the stones themselves, why weren’t there any more repercussions? 

8. Why Jump to 1970 To Get The Pym Particles?

We get it, when we saw Steve And Tony meet and see their loved ones, it was a delight and a very emotional scene. But why would they need to go that far back? Space Stone – We get it. But Pym Particles presumably exist from 1970 until Thanos’s snap-in 2018. Pym’s alive that whole time, and surely he’s got particles with him in storage. There’s no time constraint to worry about since they already plan on jumping back to the moment in 2023 when all three teams leave. In fact, it’d probably be easiest to just jump back a few hours in 2012 to grab the briefcase again before Loki can get it and then go to San Francisco to ask Hank Pym for some help. 

9. Did ‘Hot Tub Time Machine’ Star A HYDRA Super Soldier?

According to Endgame’s dialogue, Hot Tub Time Machine exists in the MCU as well – which means Sebastian Stan, who plays Bucky Barnes, is an actor in the MCU. But Hot Tub Time Machine came out several years before Bucky was deprogrammed in the MCU timeline, which means he would have been a part of that movie while still under HYDRA’s influence.

10. Before Becoming A Supervillain, Was Obadiah Stane An Actor?

 If The Big Lebowski exists in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (Tony Stark calls Thor “Lebowski”), then that means Jeff Bridges exists in the MCU. Except we already know Jeff Bridges played the villain Obadiah Stane in the first Iron Man. 

So, is “Jeff Bridges” really just the stage name for a brilliant but evil industrialist who works with Tony?

Let us know what you think, and spread this! 

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