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20 Joker Moments And Quotes Which Are Totally Relatable

Joker is one of the best and deadly villains from the DC comics. We got great actors to play this amazing character. Fans loved Heath Ledger’s Joker and they have to witness the tragic loss. Then Jared Leto’s Joker didn’t get that much of an appreciation, but he was great too and now he is going to appear in Zack Snyder’s Justice League. Also, we finally got the best actor to play the Joker to its very potential, fans went crazy for Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker. All these jokers gave such amazing performances and best moments that are just mind-blowing. Check out these amazing Joker moments and quotes which you can totally relate to with:

1.  Stranger!!

2. Would You Like To Know!!

3. Never!

4. Life Is A Comedy!!

5. A State of Mind!!

6. Bleeding!!

7. Just To Make You Sad!!

8. Negative Thoughts!

9. You Gotta Do It Yourself!!

10. Without Rules!!!

11. Ahead Of Curve!

12. Totally!!

13. No Plans At All!!

14. Madness Is Like Gravity!!

15. Everything Burns!

16. Think Again!!

17. Crazier Out There!!

18. As If You Don’t!!

19. Everything Must Go!

20. Absolutely!!

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