6 Amazing New Stills From WandaVision Reveal A Few Key Story Details

New Stills From WandaVision:

We may not know about the release date of WandaVision, but we can be sure that it is coming within this year. Entertainment Weekly has released a new issue featuring WandaVision. Just yesterday, we got to see the new cover of the magazine. And now, we’ve got 6 new stills from the show featuring Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen) and Vision (Paul Bettany). Here, take a look at the first image, which actually hints at the villain of the series:

In the comics, Wanda suddenly gets impregnated out of nowhere, and Vision is not the one responsible for that. Obviously, how can he be? He is an android after all. And that’s what seems to be happening over here. In the above image Wanda has found out that she is expecting a child (2 children actually), but look at the expressions on both of their faces. They seem like they’ve seen a ghost. Well, that’s because what they are looking at are the children of the devil, Mephisto.

Wiccan and Speed were actually shards of Mephisto in the books. We weren’t sure if Marvel was going to continue with that same story element in WandaVision as well. But with the EW image, it’d be safe to presume that Wanda & Vision’s twins will indeed have a connection to Mephisto. Since the kids come from him in the comics, he takes them away from Wanda. That is what causes Wanda to lose her freakin’ mind and create the House of M reality. And, it certainly seems that we will see this kind of an instance come to life in the upcoming series as well. Evan Peters is playing a mystery role in the series and most people think it’s Mephisto. So, maybe he will take away Wanda’s kids, Tommy and William, aka Speed & Wiccan away from her. Now, check out the second image:

This is another reason why Wanda’s kids couldn’t have come from Vision. They sleep on separate beds! But, there’s actually a reason why the set up in the series is like this. Since, this is the 50s era that WandaVision is portraying, Marvel couldn’t have shown Wanda & Vision sleeping on the same bed because it was illegal to show that back then. But again, look at Wanda over here. She is confused by something. Maybe the fact that Vision is sleeping so peacefully after their fight is what’s bothering her. Who knows :P? Anyway, also focus on the shadow on the wall behind their beds. It looks like a Witch’s hat. It maybe a stretch, but this shadow could be another nod at the witchcraft and sorcery that we are going to witness in the series. Speaking of Witches, here’s the third image:

Kathryn Hahn is playing a character named Agnes, which is short for Agatha Harkness. Her character is described as a nosey neighbor in this alternate reality of Wanda. And, it seems that poking her nose into Wanda’s business is what she is up to over here. The reason for her to be so interfering is because it is probably her duty to keep a check on Wanda in this TV reality of hers. Afterall, she might have taught Wanda how to use her powers and create this reality in the first place. Anyway, take a look at the fourth and fifth images now:

In both of these images, Wanda seems to be using her magic and something starts to trouble her. In the second image, something angers her while cooking dinner. It’s almost as if she keeps realizing that her reality isn’t as real as she thought. And last but not the least, here’s the only image of Wanda & Vision where they look truly happy:

This is the secret of keeping MCU’s reality safe. You just have to keep Wanda happy and everything will remain normal. But as soon as something ticks her off, she will throw a tantrum and make everything go haywire. Thanos learned that the hard way, and so will the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

WandaVision arrives sometime in December.

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