10 Reasons Why MCU Superheroes Could Have Been Arrested

Why MCU Superheroes Could Have Been Arrested:

Wondering what a hero could have done to get him or herself arrested? The MCU heroes have put their lives in danger several times to save innocents. But having superpowers have helped them dodge the law on several occasions. Laws ensure justice and equity in society but its execution fails if it is not applied to everyone equally. Heroes go on a spree, so blinded by their mission that they undermine their duties as citizens. They too have blood in their hands that do not belong to villains. Find out the 10 times when MCU superheroes deserved to be arrested.

 1. Wanda

Even though Wanda didn’t intend to, she did blow up a building full of innocents. How are people supposed to feel safe around Avengers if they don’t take human lives seriously? Their strong will to win a battle and catch the villain turns them blind towards casualties at their hands. Everyone was aware of the degree of havoc Wanda’s telekinetic powers could inflict on the surroundings. What she needed was proper training to control her powers before getting on the field.

 2. Nick Fury

Sometimes Nicky Fury feels less like a government agent and more like a Godfather. He not only badgered a grieving Peter Parker who deserved to have some good time with friends after losing him but also redirected the entire trip to the places under red alert. In order to manipulate Spider-Man to fight for him, Fury put the lives of so many kids in peril. And in the end, Nick Fury turned out to be a Skrull. So, basically, the original Nick Fury passed on such massive responsibilities in the hands of an outsider?

 3. Thor

Thor’s battle with Malekith continued from realms to the realm through portals, and finally landing in London on Earth. The fight between Gods and cosmic entities was too dangerous for the planet and it indeed resulted in massive destruction during the Battle of Greenwich. But that was nothing compared to what Thor did with the Frost Beast. He summoned it from Jotunheim and left it on Earth. Who would take the charge of the ramifications?

 4. Hawkeye

Avengers: Endgame Snap

When Clint Barton aka Hawkeye is not doing the questionable tasks assigned by the government, he goes on a murder spree. Even though he was slicing off the bad guys in Infinity War, he had no right to take their fate in his own hands. When he is not an Avenger, he is an uncontrollable assassin Ronin who loves to wipe out his enemies.

 5. Ant-Man

Sidney Sheldon and Ant-Man have shown us how difficult it is for ex-convicts to restart a normal life due to their past records. Unable to land a job after his release, Scott Lang returns to the world of theft and burglary which leads him to the Ant-Man suit. Everything has been super smooth for Scott since then. He not only escaped from prison with the help of his suit but also joined the heroes, rendering all his actions invalid.

 6. Spider-Man

Surprised to see the adorable juvenile’s name on this list? We are no strangers to Peter’s recklessness to stop crime. If he can jump on an alien ship and leave Earth for Mr. Stark then Earth laws are of little concern. After he saw Vulture grabbing his hands on the Chitauri weapons, Peter Parker took the matter into his own hands and chased him beyond the state lines.

 7. Captain America

We understand that Steve Rogers was trying to help his friend Bucky Barnes by fighting against the authorities and helping him escape. He let his feelings cloud his judgment and helped the terrorists walk around freely. Even if Bucky was brainwashed, his freedom meant putting the lives of innocents in danger.

 8. Vision

Vision always presents himself as a righteous man with high morals and principles. Yet he takes dubious steps to travel across the world. He forged documents to cross international borders and move to Scotland. Now, that’s a serious crime.

 9. Tony Stark and Bruce Banner

Why MCU Superheroes Could Have Been Arrested

As scientists, Tony and Bruce should have known better than to perform dangerous experiments with the Mind Stone. They not only put everyone’s lives at risk but misused its powers to give conscience to the AI. They accidentally ended up creating the super-smart android Ultron who declared war upon humanity. How do you get away with that?

 10. Winter Soldier

Why MCU Superheroes Could Have Been Arrested

It is true that the actions of the Winter Soldier were controlled by HYDRA. Bucky Barnes was brainwashed when held captive by HYDRA and lost all his conscience. But even after becoming aware of his true self, Bucky resisted his arrest and attacked the German cops. The government can pardon him for his actions as the Winter Soldier, but what about his assault on the cops?

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