Two Giant Plot Holes Spotted in Thor: Ragnarok

Thor: Ragnarok maybe very unique, funny & absolutely stunning. But it doesn’t come without its fair share of mistakes. The first of them is that the God of Thunder gets electrocuted multiple times. Okay we get that Taika probably added that as a parody. It was acceptable & perhaps even enjoyable. But, there is a subplot that should’ve been handled well because it has been turned into a plot hole now. The one we’re referring to is about Hela’s escape from Asgard. She should’ve easily been able to escape Asgard with the army of the resurrected Asgardian warriors. She didn’t have just one, but two ways to do that besides using Heimdall’s spear. Let’s see how.

While Thor ended up on Sakaar, Hela took over Asgard. Asgard’s defenses were nothing against her strength. After regaining rulership over the realm, her goal was to conquer other realms. But for her to do that, she needed Heimdall’s sword, Hofund in order to access the Bifrost. That’s how she thought that she’d be able to leave Asgard with an army. But apparently, that wasn’t the only way. Heimdall’s thievery of Hofund shouldn’t have mattered at all as the first option was already in her grasp. Odin had died, but his powerful spear, Gungnir was still on Asgard.

This plot hole has been pointed out by Reddit user u/LeoRiddle. Here’s the evidence he presented in his Reddit post:

“In the first Thor movie, Odin’s spear, Gungnir, is a prominent piece of the plot, especially the third act where Loki wields it as his main weapon against a Mjolnir-wielding Thor. It is shown to be able to withstand Mjolnir’s blows, blast out energy and, most notably, is able to activate the Bifrost. I had previously thought that only Heimdall’s sword, Hofund, was the only key to controlling the Bifrost, but upon a recent rewatch of the first Thor, I noticed how they clearly showed Loki using Gungnir to activate the Bifrost.”

This is problematic, considering that an entire subplot of Thor Ragnorak is that Heimdall steals Hofund back, essentially stranding Hela on Asgard. The entire time Thor is on Sakaar Hela’s entire plot hinges on finding Heimdall and getting the sword back.”

The Redditor is absolutely spot on here. If the Bifrost can be accessed by Gungnir, then why does Hela need Hofund? She was clearly shown sitting on Odin’s throne with Gungnir in her grasp. She could’ve escaped right after resurrecting an army of the dead. But she possibly forgot that her father’s spear had the ability to activate and control the Bifrost.

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The Redditor tries to solve this plothole by giving us a plausible explanation. We know that the Bifrost was destroyed in the first Thor movie. But by the time we reached Thor: The Dark World, Odin had helped Heimdall fix the Bifrost. Keeping in mind that Loki used Gungnir to access the Bifrost and destroy Jotunheim, Odin could have given the entire control of the Bifrost to Heimdall. Meaning, Gungnir possibly couldn’t activate the Bifrost 2.0. This is the only suitable explanation besides Hela forgetting, or perhaps not knowing about Gungnir’s Bifrost control ability.

Well, now that we’ve discussed Gungnir, let’s talk about another element that could have been brought into play. As Hela reveals the truth about Odin’s fake Gauntlet, she passes by the Tesseract. Upon looking at the cube, she said “That’s not bad” and went on to resurrect the dead Asgardian warriors using the Eternal Flame. Her reaction made it seem like she knew what the Tesseract is capable of. Using it, she could have escaped Asgard right from within Odin’s vault. She wouldn’t have needed to access the Bifrost. And, she would have had the added power of an Infinity Stone as well. But, Hela is probably dumb.

While we did potentially find a fix for the Gungnir problem discussed above, the Tesseract plot hole seems far bigger. The only plausible explanation that fits here is that she either didn’t know about the Tesseract’s true ability, or yet again, she forgot about it. Apparently, it is the writers who must have forgotten about these two key elements. It’s almost like Marvel brought in D&D to finish the script.

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