Horror Movies in Hollywood Inspired From Real-Life Stories

Horror Movies Inspired From Real-Life:

The only comforting thought while watching a horror movie is that the scary events are fictional. But how will you sleep when you learn that some of these movies are based on true events? The following spine-chilling movies were taken from people who experienced it in real life.

 1. Changeling

Horror Movies Inspired From Real-Life

The story is about a woman named Christine who went to the LAPD, frantically looking for her missing son, Walter Collins. When the cops recovered a boy who matched her son’s description, she was convinced that it wasn’t him. Later while investigating the Wineville Chicken Coop murder mystery where the murdered bodies of young boys were discovered, one of the boys was identified as Walter Collins.

 2. The Exorcist

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The famous horror classic that is focused on a 12 years old possessed girl matches with that of a newspaper article from the late ‘40s that wrote about the possession and exorcism of a young boy. The family of the boy claimed that mysterious and inexplicable things started to take place after the boy’s aunt passed away.

 3. The Mothman Prophesies

The movie is adapted from John Keel’s book that records the claims of Mothman’s witnesses. It traces itself back to folklore that speaks of a moth-like creature spotted by many people in the past. The movie is about a columnist who tries to uncover the mystery of his wife’s death. According to locals, the Mothman was last seen when the Silver Bridge had collapsed.

 4. Robert

Horror Movies Inspired From Real-Life

The movie is about a couple that forced to fire a nanny for her lack of efficiency and recurrent mistakes. Before leaving, the housekeeper gifts their son a vintage doll named Robert which they didn’t know was cursed. The couple who experienced it in real life claimed that the spooky doll used to wink at them and run across the rooms at the speed of the flash.

 5. The Conjuring and Annabelle

Horror Movies Inspired From Real-Life

It’s no news that The Conjuring and Annabelle saga are based on the real-life experiences of paranormal investigator, Ed, and Lorraine Warren. It was the Warrens who tried to save the family from its ordeal at the hands of a demon in their new house, as shown in The Conjuring. What we saw was experienced by the Perrons had taken place in real life when they moved into the new house and strange things began to occur. The house was possessed by many spirits that the Perron family including the kids had welcomed and grown to live. Eventually, the family learned that not all the spirits were friendly. The demon shown in the movie was known as Bathsheba as one of her followers lived in the house in the mid-1800s. The Warrens attempted to help the family for years and decided to conduct a séance but it failed and Mr. Perron asked the Warrens to call it off, fearing for his wife’s health. There are more movies in line to be adapted from the files of the Warren. The infamous Annabelle doll still rests at their museum which is visited and blessed by a priest weekly.

 6. The Amityville Horror

This horror drama owes his popularity to the real-life incident that it is based on. It is about the ordeals of a family with 3 kids that move into a house but fall victim to inexplicable spooky activities. They later learned that the previous residents of the house were murdered mercilessly by their own family members.

 7. An American Crime

Horror Movies Inspired From Real-Life

Merely recalling this case that was a manifestation of vengeance surpassing humanity is excruciating. A couple leaves their daughters at the care of a woman, Gertrude so they can travel for work. Gertrude had several children of her own and she was promised to be paid $20 per week to look after the couple’s kids. When their payment gets delayed by two weeks, greed and revenge get the better of Gertrude. She plots a plan to make the 2 girls pay in the most barbaric way. The incident is based on the murder of one of the girls who was beaten down to death by Gertrude’s kids.

 8. The Nightmare

This creepy movie is adapted from the records of 8 patients who were suffering from sleep paralysis. The uncanny part was that all 8 of them described having similar dreams about the same man.

 9. Primeval

This story is haunted by the evils of a deadly monster who had ingested about 300 humans. The movie is about a 6-meter long crocodile, believed to be in its 60s, who has taken many lives with its lethal jaws. It has been the target of numerous locals, hunters, and military forces who used AK 47 against it only to face defeat.

 10. The Exorcism of Emily Rose

Horror Movies Guaranteed to Scare You

The ordeal of Anneliese Michel always gives us goosebumps. She was diagnosed with Grand Mal epilepsy and underwent psychiatric treatment but the failure of which forced her to go for Catholic exorcism rites. Her symptoms were also observed to run parallel with schizophrenia. She claimed that she could see the faces of demons on the faces of people around her. She later succumbed to the exorcism due to dehydration and malnourishment. The priests involved with the exorcism were convicted with negligent homicide and sentenced to 6 months of imprisonment. The movie had an open ending, leaving it up to the viewer’s imagination.

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