What Came First, The Egg or The Chicken? Marvel Gives Us The Answer

You may have come across this burning question at least once in your lives. What came first, the chicken or the egg? It’s a simple question, but it could keep you thinking for hours and you still might not find any conclusive results. But this old age question has been answered by Marvel comics, specifically by the genius scientist Reed Richards aka Mr. Fantastic.

In the latest issue of the major Marvel event, Empyre #1, Reed Richards is on an alien spacecraft trying to stop a conflict that will certainly lead to cosmic genocide. At this tensed moment, Reed’s big stretchy brain diverges from the problem for a bit as out of nowhere, he just begins to answer what came first – the chicken, or the egg. He says, THOUGH I’VE NEVER BEEN A FAN OF THAT PHRASE – SINCE REPTILES LAY EGGS, THE EGG WOULD OF COURSE HAVE COME FRST BY MILLIONS OF..”

One would think that Reed started babbling nonsense in the middle of a tough situation. But as it turned out, Reed was using this phrase to solve the problem at hand. Reed applied the “chicken-Egg scenario,” to deduce that Hulkling is just a figurehead for the Kree-Skrull alliance, but in reality, the Alliance came first.

Anyway, the interesting fact here is that we get the right answer for the chicken Egg situation since Reed implies that the birds hadn’t even evolved while reptiles existed on Earth. They laid eggs 🥚 for millions of years before the birds began to exits. So indeed, it was the egg that came first. We have physical evidence for this deduction as the oldest fossils of dinosaur eggs and embryos are about 190 million years old. When you talk about birds, Archaeopteryx (came from an egg) is viewed as the first bird. And its fossil is around 140 million years old. So, all the other birds (including the chicken) evolved from Archaeopteryx. Hence, the egg came first. Those who didn’t know the answer can certainly flaunt now.

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