21 Debut Trailers In The Marvel Cinematic Universe, Ranked

The sign on the pager through which Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) sent out a message before he dissolves into dust, which has caused a lot of excitement, tension, curiosity and impatience among Marvel fans and people around the globe for all these months has been rewarded with the trailer of Brie Larson-starring Captain Marvel, and fans and people around the globe are watching it again and again and again. With another phenomenal trailer by Marvel, here we are going to take a look back into all the debut trailers Marvel Cinematic Universe has produced and it’s surely a hard task to rank them but still little things in-between all these trailers defines their brilliance. So, what are you waiting…Let’s get started.

21. The Incredible Hulk:

The trailer is so balanced that it doesn’t show something bad or pain to the eyes but also it doesn’t please the heart a lot too. In the trailer, you couldn’t get a lot more than just a big military mission going on to capture a big green monster. Edward Norton did his best to present the Hulk well but there was nothing in the trailer than some shots of Abomination and Hulk in a one-on-one battle in the end. The trailer disappoints in terms of creating a big spark in the hearts and minds of the viewers. The trailer was a bad one because it revealed everything about the movie in itself.

20. Iron Man 2:

Iron Man has always been blessed with tremendous work of art and cutting from the hands of MCU over the years, also even when the movie isn’t that much good as the trailer was. But, that shows the next-level of dedication they put while making the trailer or maybe there’s a lot to show in Iron Man movies and with fans always in awe for his suit. Somehow, it makes the job of Editors pretty simple and normal. But, the trailer was full of jokes, action and seeing Tony & Pepper together was another bonus for the trailer.

19. Thor: The Dark World:

There wasn’t a lot to show in this trailer and wasn’t a good example of advertising at all. The trailer had shots of Thor and vicious Loki joining hands with each other with some funny moments in the trailer makes it watchable for normal people but it wasn’t that much great for Marvel fans as they expected a lot from Marvel and what they got wasn’t enough to pump them up. But, in the end watching Thor is always a delicious treat and it’s hard to find anything ugly when he’s around.

18. Ant-Man and the Wasp:

It’s always a challenge to make a sequel but more difficult is the job of producing the trailer of a sequel but Ant-Man and the Wasp replicated the success pretty well with keeping their focus in introducing the Wasp perfectly in front of the fans. The trailer of Wasp was filled with humor and because of the success of “Ant-Man”, the trailer was all about jokes as the marketing team of the film knows what their audience liked and are hoping for again. But, this trailer got more hugs and kisses because of a giant Hello Kitty PEZ dispenser in the trailer.

17. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2:

The craze this movie had was simply incredible and producing a sequel of this weird-fan-favorite movie wasn’t a big challenge because the fans have their new favorites from the MCU with Groot getting all the love in the universe because of his sweetness, sending the trailer of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 wasn’t a mammoth task in comparison to deal with the making of the first trailer of the first movie. With the introduction of “Ego” at the end of the trailer, it was more than enough to cast the trailer on the top.

16. Thor:

One of the most sensational casting from Marvel was Chris Hemsworth for the role of Thor and the actor hasn’t disappointed the fans and Marvel Studios since then. The trailer of “Thor” was amazing in many aspects and was the first step towards the revelation of cosmic world to the MCU. The fighting scenes and first introduction of the “God of Thunder” was more than impressive but the only negative point in it was to copy the philosophy of Iron Man series of throwing all the heavy metal in the trailer.

15. Doctor Strange:

The trailer surely divided the fan-base into two parts with some praising the introduction of magic in to the MCU and with some rejecting the trailer because of too many illusions and confusions. But, the one thing that was common between the fans was the excitement which they had in their hearts until the movie got released in the theatres. The movie had some great shots and sequences describing the usage of time and was presented fairly in a brilliant way through the help of visual effects.

14. Captain America: The First Avenger:

One of Marvel’s most beloved character “Captain America” was introduced to the fans back in 2011 and the wait to see one of MCU’s greatest leader and most followed superheroes was over with this trailer launch from Marvel Studios. It’s on this level of the list because Marvel describes what we are going to see in the movie in a very short-span and gave fans a lot of clues and hints and played perfectly with the curiosity of the fans but also gave them great glimpses of the story of Captain Steve Rodgers a.k.a. Captain America.

13. Ant-Man:

It’s really hard to find something bad in the trailer of Ant-Man because the work of Peyton Reed was already visible by the fans and people in this great trailer. The trailer was about the story of Scott Lang becoming the Ant-Man and a lot of moments of digestible humor and a villain in white collar was enough to make fans and people crazy about the incoming of this superhero. Just like the trailer, the movie also balanced the humor and action perfectly.

12. Iron Man 3:

There aren’t many admirers of Iron Man 3 but the trailer of Iron Man 3 surely made us saving bucks for watching the movie and fixing our schedule. The trailer of Iron Man 3 was a dark one and it was engaging to see Tony throwing out his suits, with his Home being destroyed, dealing with PTSD, and Mandarin of course. But, it was the last time we saw a dark and gritty trailer of an Iron Man movie.

11. Spider-Man: Homecoming:

When it’s about Marvel’s most popular superhero –Spider-Man, Then, the craze and madness are just ordinary things to watch. With his appearance in Captain America: Civil War and taking off Captain’s shield in his dramatic and exciting entrance was just enough to make fans more crazier than ever for the release of Spider-Man: Homecoming and the introduction of that icing on the cake scene when we see both Iron Man and Spider-Man flying side-by-side of each other. But, it was heartbreaking to witness that scene wasn’t in the movie.

10. Captain America: The Winter Soldier:

The movie was a pack of intensity, emotions, fights, and lot of superheroes at their disposal. Also, the film delivered way better than other and movie did the best justice with its incredible trailer. With fans in mixed emotions seeing Bucky and Captain America against each other and then if-front of each other, it was a great treat for the fans. The highlight was Bucky catching the shield of Captain America.

9. Captain Marvel:

The long-awaiting wait is over and with fans watching the trailer of “Captain Marvel” continuously without taking their eyes-off. We all know that somewhere deep inside our hearts that we have many trailers out there better than this one. Teasing the audience and pushing minds of fans and people beyond their capabilities and the rise of new questions and fan-theories. This Brie-Larson starring Captain Marvel has it all for being recognized as a good trailer.

8. Thor: Ragnarok:

The introduction of Taika Waititi as the director of the Thor: Ragnarok, made fans and people believe of one sure thing and it was the guarantee of some humor and comedy in the film and with Hulk coming in the movie just set the tone apart. But, it was all about that fight for which Marvel fans has been waiting for some years now –Hulk v Thor in this movie. The trailer excited the fans a lot about that fight between Hulk v Thor and made the fans excited about the movie a lot.

7. Black Panther:

The pump this trailer will give you is immense with the use of “Run the jewels” in the background and was the reason of the tone which gave the viewers all sorts of Goosebumps and all. But, the trailer was a simple announcement to the world of what they can expect from this movie and it was a tremendous decision to introduce Black Panther to the MCU in a standalone movie. But, the trailer of Black Panther will always be remembered for that great scene in the final scene of the trailer where T’Challa jumping off from an SUV in a fashion which made the SUV gets absolutely broken into pieces.

6. Captain America: Civil War:

Watching great superheroes fighting with each other is far better than watching these heroes all together against a villain because the emotions that were running down in the veins of fans made their eyes glued to their screens. When you have a team of Captain America on one side and another team having Iron Man upfront, then what else are you crying for? But, that’s what the worst part of making this list and raking them as we have to rank the most legendary ones from a group of most incredible ones. It was a treat to watch both the teams fighting with each other.

5. Guardians of the Galaxy:

It’s not an easy task to assemble a trailer consisting of alien creatures in their debut trailer but the Marvel Studios tackled this big task paid them off in the best possible outcome as Guardians of the Galaxy came out to be a beast of a movie with fans almost loving the way those funny protectors of the galaxy doing all sorts of action and saving the world. The franchise soon become one of the most popular and beloved one among fans.

4. Avengers: Age of Ultron:

The trailer had it all with the darkness of not knowing their enemy for the first time and the split between the team of Avengers was the main highlight of the movie and the inclusion of Vision, Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver, Iron Man’s Hulkbuster and many things which we haven’t seen before. The trailer showed the grief and pain among the Avengers and all the blame on the head of Iron Man.

3. Iron Man:

It was complete darkness when the reports were coming out of the release of Iron Man’s trailer but fans were completely unknown to the idea of expecting from the trailer but it come out to be one of the most finest of trailers as the way it presents the beginning of Iron Man with the face of Robert Downing Jr. was a job done on a massive level. The beginning of the MCU era goes to this movie as Iron Man made fans jumping off their screens because they’ve never seen something like this before and the reason why Iron Man have such a big fan-following and part in the MCU.

2. The Avengers:

The great and important thing in this trailer was to see all our beloved superheroes under one shed and it was enough for every Marvel fan to go all crazy and crying out of happiness as it was an epic trailer for the fans to see the long-awaited joining for all the Avengers. But, the sound that was used in the trailer was a disappointing choice we all know that pointing a finger on the music choice of Marvel sounds wrong but this movie delivered that also.

 1. Avengers: Infinity War:

The hype and impatience we witnessed and felt for the trailer release of Avengers: Infinity War as it was arguably the greatest movie MCU has produced and the trailer also had all sorts of things which a MCU fan asks for. With Captain America coming out of the dark, T’Challa with a big army standing as a team at Wakanda, and many iconic shots in the trailer which made every single people one of the most impatient on the planet The Trailer had it all and bounced the rise in excitement to a whole new level.

According to you which are the best MCU trailer till this day from all of these incredible ones?

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