Marvel: 10 Unknown Facts About The Self-Made Avenger, Hawkeye

Unknown Facts About Hawkeye:

Hawkeye aka Clint Barton in the Marvel Universe, though a self-made man, is one of the most underrated superheroes. In spite of not being a God, or a multi-millionaire or a super-soldier, he was able to become a formidable Avenger who fought androids and aliens. Fighting in such battles is not a common man’s cup of tea yet Clint made it possible with years of practice, precision, and bravery. Not much was explored about the superhero in the MCU movies. So, let’s dig into the inspiring journey of this diligent warrior who wasn’t born with any privileges unlike most of the other heroes.

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Started As A Villain

Hawkeye made his debut in the 1964 issue, Tales of Suspense. He wasn’t meant to be evil but his disturbing past descended him down that road. Clint was also once a long term foe of Iron Man. But Tony’s forgiveness gave him a second chance to right his wrongs and transformed him into a changed man.

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Bow Requires Extra-Ordinary Strength

Contrary to what many believe, Hawkeye is not a regular archer. A conventional bow has a maximum draw strength of 75 pounds. Whereas, that of Hawkeye has a draw strength of 250 pounds. Such strength is impossible for a human to draw but Clint is three times stronger than an average human.  His musculature allows him to pull that of power.

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Was In The Circus

In his early years, Clint was a member of the Carson’s Carnival of Travelling Wonders. For someone who had neither roots nor any family, this circus meant more than home to Clint. This is where he mastered in archery which ended up defining him and his superpowers in his later years, thus making him Hawkeye.

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Trained In Combat By Villains

Unknown Facts About Hawkeye

Now that you have traced his archery roots, let’s dig further into his combat skills. The circus not only brought us Clint but also cultivated villains like Trick Shot and Swordsman. Realizing Clint’s potentials, the Swordsman brainwashed him to join his side and trained him various forms of martial arts.

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Black Widow And Hawkeye- A Thing

Jeremy Renner MCU

What many fans anticipated had in fact come true in the comics. Natasha Romanoff and Clint had brewed some chemistry whilst they were friends. With her cunning mind and seduction, Black Widow manipulated Clint to stay on her side in her battle against Iron Man. Clint did realize it later that he was fighting for the wrong side but that didn’t stop him from saving Black Widow. To his disappointment, the assassin ghosted him out and ran away.

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Iron Man- His Greatest Inspiration

Unknown Facts About Hawkeye

Not many are aware of the fact that it was Iron man who inspired Clint to become the hero that he is today. He wouldn’t be the Hawkeye we know today had it not been for Tony Stark. During his battle against Iron Man as Black Widow’s companion, Clint once almost lost his life until Iron Man showed up. Despite being a rival, Iron Man saved him from dying and also reprimanded his actions and the wrong path. The entire incident forced Clint to rethink about his choices and join the right side. Hence, Iron Man saved Clint literally and metaphorically.

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How He Became An Avenger

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It wasn’t easy for Hawkeye to get selected in the Avengers team. Despite the constant rejection, he was headstrong to be an Avenger but couldn’t impress anyone to get through the team. In one of his desperate attempts, he once broke into the Avengers mansion only to find Jarvis and his mother in deep trouble. They were held at gunpoint by petty thieves. Hawkeye took the matter in his hands and saved them with some impressive moves. The show caught everyone’s attention and proved that Hawkeye’s skills would be useful in the team.

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Had A Thing for Scarlet Witch

Unknown Facts About Hawkeye

In the comics, when Clint was new in the Avengers, he was smitten by Scarlet Witch. However, the Chaos Magic Reality manipulating witch, Wanda never reciprocated the same feelings.

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Chairman of the West Coast Avengers

Young Avengers

When the AI Vision was the leader of the Avengers, he made the decision to bifurcate the team into the West Coast and East Coast. Given Hawkeye’s experience and years of loyalty with the SHIELD and Avengers, he promoted as the Chairman of the West Coast branch.

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His Aliases

Unknown Facts About Hawkeye

Hawkeye was also called a Goliath once. This happened after his bow betrayed him during a battle and broke like a twig. Harboring doubts in his years of skills and practice, Clint changed his path and joined Hank Pym. He took the Pym Particles to become the next size-altering superhero and saved the planet from a Kree-Skrull War.

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