Endgame Theory Reveals Why Iron Man Didn’t Use EDITH Drones Against Thanos

Iron Man Didn’t Use EDITH Drones Against Thanos:

Spider-Man: Far From Home was a pretty cool follow up to Avengers: Endgame. Yes, the credit for its major success majorly goes to Endgame since, after the epic ending of that film, people wanted more. And Far From Home is what provided us, a look into the aftermath of Hulk’s snap & Tony’s sacrifice. People totally enjoyed the film, and it left us with a major cliffhanger to keep us all guessing. But apparently, people were left asking not one, but multiple questions. One of those was about the EDITH drones.

Iron Man Didn’t Use EDITH Drones Against Thanos

Just like Spider-Man: Homecoming, Spider-Man: Far From Home introduced us to yet another A.I. that Tony just handed over to Peter. Or perhaps, this time it was Nick Fury who gave Peter the EDITH glasses, but they came from Tony, so it counts. With EDITH (Even Dead, I’m The Hero), Peter got control of a Stark Satellite which allowed him global surveillance and massive drone strikes. Sadly, Peter gave the glasses to Quentin Beck, who modified those weaponized Stark drones to be used to destroy London, and create an illusion that makes Mysterio look good. But if you think about it, the EDITH drones were obviously in Tony’s possession even before the final Endgame battle since he was wearing the EDITH glasses in Infinity War.

So, why didn’t he call in a drone strike against Thanos’ army? Those drones could have come in very handy and so many lives could’ve been saved if those drones also flew in during the Portals sequence. And the answer to this question cannot be that the MCU was saving the drones to make a debut in Spider-Man: Far From Home. There needs to be a proper explanation for it. This question should be added to the question of why Tony didn’t deploy all his other suits (like the House Party Protocol) and the Iron Legion. But we’ll get to this part later. For now, let’s talk about why the drones weren’t used in Endgame.

Iron Man Didn’t Use EDITH Drones Against Thanos

Screen Rant suggests a simple theory that could answer the EDITH conundrum. We know that the image of Peter holding his inverted internship certificate motivated and even helped Tony to solve time travel (as Tony tried the simulation of an “inverted” Mobius strip). So when he did solve time travel, he strongly believed that a mission to go back in time might finally be successful. But at the same time, he also knew that this might be his very last mission, and he may not back alive. So, he shot a goodbye video for his wife & his daughter. And, during this moment, he also may have made the arrangements for Peter to get the EDITH glasses because he strongly believed in the kid, and he was motivated to go through the Time Heist mostly because of Peter.

When the time heist was successful and Hulk brought everyone back to the land of the living, Thanos showed up and attacked the Avengers HQ. Thanos gave no time for the Avengers to regroup until the portals sequence happened. So, at this point of time, Tony couldn’t call in the EDITH drones because he had already made arrangements for Peter to get those glasses. And perhaps, he might not have had any other way to access the drones, which is why the drone army didn’t show up. This is the only sensible explanation to why we didn’t see the drones in Endgame.

Iron Man Didn’t Use EDITH Drones Against Thanos

Maybe Mysterio deployed all of the EDITH drones and there will be none left to use in Spider-Man 3. But still, Peter could make great use of EDITH in a time when he surely needs help in surviving. So, let’s see how EDITH comes in play in the next Spider-Man movie, which will arrive next year on November 5. Do you agree with this theory? Tell us in the comments down below.

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