Best Moments of Avengers Movies in The MCU

Best Moments of Avengers In MCU:

Marvel Cinematic Universe has witnessed the biggest box office hits across the globe more than any other superhero movie productions did. But out of all its movies, the Avengers series had the most success. Right from the first Avengers movie to the Endgame, it had the highest number of memorable and jaw-dropping moments, winning heaps of cheers from fans. Superheroes sharing the screen has its own thrill and MCU knows how to tap on it by infusing key moments and legendary battles. We took an almost impossible task to enlist the top 10 moments of Avengers movies from a sea of grand moments. Let us know about your favorite one in the comments section.

 1. When Thanos Snapped in Avengers: Infinity War

Best Moments of Avengers In MCU

It was a rare occasion in a movie when a huge team of superheroes was defeated and the big bad won in the end. We could hear nothing but our hearts thumping the second Thor lost. Our hopes still clinging on to the Avengers, but the battle was over. The unbelievable happened and the Mad Titan finally snapped. Our eyes couldn’t believe when the Avengers started turning into dust. A long silence followed as no one could process what had happened. The defeat and the sense of loss felt almost palpable. The movie ended with a big question mark on the fate of the lost Avengers.

 2. Iron Man Vs Hulk in Avengers: Age of Ultron

Apart from an Alien or God attack on the planet, the most dangerous task for the Avengers is dealing with an angry Hulk. After Wanda used her mind trick on Bruce Banner, it unleashed the wild green beast. Learning from his previous experience, Tony customized a Hulkbuster suit with strengths matching that of Hulk. Watching two strong and huge avengers fighting each other across the streets, destroying buildings and towers, had us on our toes.

 3. Meeting Morgan Stark in Avengers: Endgame

Though it was not a dramatic moment as compared to other MCU scenes, it had a reverberating effect in our hearts. No one ever imagined the billionaire, playboy Tony Stark with a small happy family living by the woods. To see our most favorite character with a little daughter was warm and overwhelming especially when we knew how little that moment would last for. And Morgan’s saying “ I love you 3000” to her daddy became the most remembered phrase.

 4. When Avengers Tried Lifting Mjolnir in Avengers: Age of Ultron

Best Moments of Avengers In MCU

Amidst all the chaos and tensions on the battleground, it was a delight to watch that even Avengers have work parties. It was a light moment when the Avengers were spotted relaxing and drinking. One of the most fun moments was when these strong Avengers were competing against one another to lift Thor’s hammer. While Black Widow was clever enough to not participate, it was hilarious to watch the strongest and the mightiest heroes struggling to lift the hammer even with the Iron Man suit.

 5. When Vision Held The Mjolnir in Avengers: Age of Ultron

Thor Mjolnir

In the most tensed moment when there was no way to defeat the android Ultron, an android accidentally gone bad due to Tony’s carelessness, Vision came to the rescue. This android had a grand introduction as he not only possessed extra-ordinary powers but, to everyone’s surprise, also had a tranquil, wise, and rational approach. He was any day better and stronger than the Avengers. But the biggest shocker was his being worthy of the Thor’s Mjolnir.

 6. “Avengers, Assemble” in Avengers: Endgame

After going through such a painful loss in Infinity War, finally having all the Avengers back restored our hopes. It was the biggest and the greatest team-up of Superheroes that we’d ever seen in the  MCU. And finally watching Captain America wield the Mjolnir and assembling the Avengers one last time was an epic moment that had us jump on our feet.

 7. Quicksilver death in Avengers: Age of Ultron

After the long-running squabble between Pietro and Hawkeye, it came as a surprise when the young hero sacrificed his life to save Hawkeye. Given their supernatural powers and twin connection, Wanda sensed her brother’s death without even being present there. The agony of loss heightened her powers and emotions that destroyed thousands of androids in Sokovia in one go. This was a defining moment of the extent of Wanda’s powers.

 8. I Am Always Angry – The Avengers

MCU did an impressive job in blending Hulk well into the Avengers while creating a huge buzz. While Tony was always curious about how Bruce switched to Hulk mode, the other feared that a drop of anger could turn him into the green beast. But when the need struck, he revealed his secret that he is always angry. It implied that sudden anger or wound won’t turn him because the anger always rested beneath the surface. All he had to do to transform was to stop controlling it.

 9. Captain America Vs Captain America- Avengers: Endgame

Best Moments of Avengers In MCU

Superheroes and Avengers fighting one another has always pulled attention and excitement and the hype of the Civil War is proof of it. But no one anticipated Captain America fighting himself. Time travel in Endgame led the present Captain America to run into the past Captain America. It was a hilarious moment as the past version assumed it to be Loki in disguise and the current Cap stumped him by revealing about Bucky. It was also undoubtedly a visual delight watching the two Captain Americas fight each other.

 10. I Am Iron Man- Avengers: Endgame

Tony Stark Before Dying

No moment hit us as badly as this one. The entire theatre was echoing with weeps and gasps when everyone’s beloved hero Iron Man was taking the last breath. It had men and women, young and old fans in the stream of tears. In the common events of disappointing finales, MCU’s final phase had a satisfying ending even though it left a hole in our hearts bidding goodbye to Iron Man. When he uttered “I am Iron Man” by snapping, we heard a wave of cheers rise as Thanos was defeated, but it was soon followed by a receding sound of the wave as we realized it was Iron Man’s last words. This phrase had more significance as Tony Stark used the same words in his first movie.

 11. When Black Widow Died in Avengers: Endgame

Best Moments of Avengers In MCU

Black Widow’s fight with her friend Hawkeye in Vormir for the Soul Stone was one of the most engaging moments. We were on the edge of our seats to find out which friend would succeed in sacrificing their life. Right when Hawkeye had won and was about jump off the cliff, Black Widow shocked us by saving him and taking the final jump. Her death was unexpected and a moment that deserved to be remembered forever. She not only sacrificed herself for her family but also wiped out the red over her ledger.

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