10 Marvel Scenes That Were Hard To Shoot

Marvel Scenes That Were Hard To Shoot: 

Marvel Studios today stands at top position globally for its flawless and diligent work in movies. MCU adventure movies take us far away from reality yet their world seems utterly real. As perfect the entire series of films appear, the hard work and time put behind a single shot are beyond our imagination. Find out most of the Marvel moments that were the most difficult to make.

Shooting Different Sized Ant-Man & Wasp

The beauty of good art will always conceal the work, hours, and pain put behind it. That’s why it’s easy to indulge ourselves in the adventures of MCU movies completely oblivious of the tech work. One of the best scenes of Ant-Man and the Wasp was where Scott Lang & Hope Pym’s sizes kept fluctuating during a fight sequence. They had to shoot in both size illusions separately, coordinating the prop size & hand positions accordingly.

Jeremy Renner Shooting With Broken Arms

In his entire career of 10 yrs in shooting with Marvel Studios where he performed so many actions, Renner had the toughest time for Avengers: Endgame. The actor broke both his arms while shooting for Tag. Not letting it deter his chance to star in the biggest action film ever and one of the most important parts of MCU movies, Renner still showed up for Endgame shoots with his broken arms.

Looking At Hulk

Believe it or not but showing CGI Hulk in the movie was easier than filming the cast looking at him. That’s because the Green man is a digital creation and the cast has to shoot with the real Mark Ruffalo. So, basically, Hulk’s head is a fragment of imagination and it would be bizarre to have the Avengers looking at different directions to address him. The solution to this obstacle was a ball. Yes! In Avengers: Endgame, a ball was attached on an antenna on top of Ruffalo which worked as  Hulk’s head and their talking to Hulk thus felt believable.

Brie Larson’s Allergy From Cats

Captain Marvel Goose Kevin Feige

After shooting action and intense fight sequences all day, Captain Marvel had a bigger problem. Imagine spending the whole day with the one thing you are allergic to. Well, that would be cats for Brie and as you remember the importance of the cat in the Captain Marvel plot. Shooting with Goose almost made her weep every day.

Battle Scenes

Avengers: Infinity War Much Stronger Film than Avengers: Endgame

Shooting battle scenes is another level challenge altogether, hands down. Memorizing dialogues is any day easier than memorizing your fight moves. From one arm to the other leg to a block to an attack, even talking about it is mind-boggling, let alone be executing and coordinating it. Even using the right camera from the right angle and point simultaneously is no piece of cake.

Say Green

Do you think scheduling an ensemble of such big superstars at one single time is challenging? Then try to fix dates with kids.  The three kids posing with Hulk were the Russo Brothers’ respective kids and making time out of school was a big hurdle in the way.

RDJ Expressing Himself In Iron Man Suit

Imagine the work behind filming Iron Man’s action and coordinating it with his expressions. How do you sync both so smoothly with the covered face? In order to shoot RDJ’s expressions, the actor gave shots of his face separately & the mask was added later.

Cap Vs Cap

Marvel Scenes That Were Hard To Shoot

It was exciting and hilarious to watch Captain America fight his past self, Captain America in Avengers: Endgame. However, fetching two stuntmen with the same physique as that of Chris Evans was the bigger challenge. Luckily, his stuntman had a brother who had the same body type and so the 2 were taken on board.

Tony Building Iron Man Suit

We vividly remember as to when and where Tony discovered Iron man and built his suit. But do you recall how he made it? In order to allow an authentic and raw feeling, the head of the tech team personally taught RDJ the specific technique of wiring in detail. Thus, RDJ’s hand movements seemed like those of a real-time billionaire genius.

Spidey Jumping In The River

Endgame Didn’t Show Black Panther Fight Scene

Remember when Spidey had a great fall in Spider-Man: Homecoming while fighting the Vulture? Tom Holland’s stuntman was assigned to be dropped in the lake but Holland insisted on performing the scene himself. His request got turned down as the crew knew the risk involved. That fall scene had high stakes and when Holland watched the Vulture drop his character in the river, he was thankful for the double.

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