10 Awesome Performances in Bad Comic Book Movies

The set standard for a good comic book movie is very high in today’s era as we have seen several exceptional movies coming out from this genre. These movies disappointed the fans but they are not complete garbage thanks to the Face-saving performances of some actors. Whether it was due to a bad script or excessive studio interference, these actors did not let that stop them from giving out amazing performances.

#1: Margot Robbie

Character: Harley Quinn

Movie: Suicide Squad

Excessive Studio interference and constant reshoots ruined David Ayer’s Suicide Squad but the character of Harley Quinn was the best thing to come out of this movie. Margot Robbie played the insane character beautifully. Even though she’s a villain, we could do nothing but love her, and thanks to Robbie’s performance the franchise survived the ax.

#2: Mark Strong

Character: Sinestro

Movie: Green Lantern

Green Lantern is a painful experience that adds nothing substantial to the comic book genre. The movie failed on every single count except one. Mark Strong’s portrayal of Sinestro was the only positive thing that we got from this movie. He tried his best to save the movie but unfortunately, that couldn’t pan out.

#3: David Harbour

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Character: Hellboy

Movie: Hellboy

The fans were super excited when they heard that David Harbour is going to play Hellboy as he has all the qualities to play the badass character. Ron Perlman was born to play Hellboy, but David Harbour managed to make the role his own. He almost pulled it off, if only the script was better.

#4: J.K. Simmons

Character: J. Jonah Jameson

Movie: Spider-Man 3

No one else in the entire world can play the role of the angry Daily Bugle editor, J. Jonah Jameson, better than J.K. Simmons. He continued his fabulous portrayal of the character from the first two movies, but even that couldn’t help the messy and jumbled storyline of Spider-Man 3. We cannot wait to see him in the MCU now that he’s confirmed for Tom Holland’s third Spider-Man movie.

#5: Ryan Reynolds

Character: Wade Wilson

Movie: X-Men Origins: Wolverine

This movie massacred the character of Deadpool in every way imaginable. The negatives far outweigh the positives in this movie and one of the biggest positives in this movie was Ryan Reynolds’ portrayal of Wade Wilson. His performance is on point, he’s witty arrogant and charming. His performance is considered to be a demo for the Deadpool we all love today.

#6: Sam Elliott

Character: Caretaker

Movie: Ghost Rider

Ghost Rider has one of the most badass storylines in the entire Marvel comic book universe but he never truly got the justice he truly deserves from his live-action portrayals. Sam Elliott is a veteran actor who gives a fantastic performance in this messy movie. The former Ghost Rider only has a few scenes, but he manages to leave a big impact on the fans with his badassery.

#7: Will Smith

Character: Deadshot

Movie: Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad could have been one of the best comic book movies of all time and it certainly has the potential. The fans were a bit worried when Will Smith was chosen to play Deadshot, but he defied all the odds with his superb performance. We are glued to the screen whenever he comes on and it is a shame that the studio ruined this movie.

#8: Ray Stevenson

Character: Frank Castle

Movie: Punisher: War Zone

Ray Stevenson deserves a lot more credit for his portrayal of The Punisher as he was spot on when it came to playing the ruthless Marvel character. The third Punisher movie has nothing but mind-numbing senseless action. But Ray Stevenson depicts the sociopathic character with utmost sincerity.

#9: Sam Rockwell

Character: Justin Hammer

Movie: Iron Man 2

After the legendary first Iron Man movie, the fans had sky-high expectations from the sequel but it could not live up to those expectations. Mickey Rourke’s off-screen tantrums hurt the movie a lot but it was Sam Rockwell’s amazing performance that saved the movie from being destroyed. He plays the egotistical and cunning businessman awesomely.

#10: Kelsey Grammar

Character: Beast

Movie: X-Men: The Last Stand

Kelsey Grammar has the perfect voice and built for the character of Beast. He was perfect as both the sophisticated Dr. Henry McCoy and the vicious Beast. But the movie did not help anyone as the story is rushed and nearly everyone was killed-off after this movie.

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