10 Strongest Pirate Lords in Pirates of The Caribbean – Ranked From Weakest To Strongest

Strongest Pirate Lords in Pirates of The Caribbean:

The Pirate Lords were the most powerful raiders and terrors of the Sea that controlled territories all over the world. These Lords were once the most powerful seaworthy forces that were strong enough to bind the Sea Goddess Calypso to her human form.  Commanding huge armies and resources, they are forces to be reckoned with.

 10. Eduardo Villanueva – Pirate Lord of the Adriatic Sea

Strongest Pirate Lords in Pirates of The Caribbean

The Adriatic Sea is one of the smallest of territories controlled by any Pirate Lord within the Brethren Court. But it is a highly affluent region, frequently visited by scores of stacked Merchant ships that bring goods and commodities to and from Spain. Eduardo Villaneuva is an avid explorer. Before becoming a Pirate Lord, he had already been acknowledged for his skills as a navigator. He had circumnavigated the entire world and went as far as the Philippines during a time when even the Maps that people used were hilariously out-dated and wrong. Eduardo Villanueva always came into conflict with Ammand the Corsair and Capitaine Chevalle, both Pirate Lords themselves.

 9. Chevalle – Lord of the Mediterranean Sea

Strongest Pirate Lords

Called the Penniless Frenchman, Chevalle was once a highly respected authority in the French Royal Court. When discredited and insulted for his work and allegiance, Chevalle rebelled against his nation and absconded, taking along with him a few French Naval ships that he hijacked. Chevalle then started his crusade against the French with his ever-growing army of French Pillaging Vessels. His Flagship is called The Fancy. Chevalle likes to work alone and does not take lightly when others meddle in his matters. The entire Mediterranean Coast was his territory and no other Pirate Lord would dare set foot within his region without Chevalle’s prior permission. Chevalle also extended his raiding operations all the way to the New World, where his ships constantly raided French Colonies in the Caribbean region.

 8. Ammand – Pirate Lord of the Black Sea

Strongest Pirate Lords in Pirates of The Caribbean

Ammand is otherwise called Ammand the Corsair and the Great Captain Ammand. As the scourge of the Black Sea colloquially called the Scourge of the Barbary Coast, Ammand is a master of hit and run tactics. He would mostly target Christian Missionary Ships carrying supplies to far off European lands, claiming that he was merely looting infidels. Ammand was extremely elusive and evaded capture many number of times. The French and the British Government put up multiple bounties on his head, with the largest being that of 4000 Guineas – dead or alive. Ammand had such a large organization that it was considered to have a command over the Black Sea region that even the European Powers had trouble in getting their hands on. His territory stretched from Morocco all the way to Turkey.

 7. Mistress Ching – Pirate Lord of the Pacific Ocean

Pirate Lords in Pirates of The Caribbean

Mistress Ching is the only Pirate ever to have been recognized by her government and become a naturalized citizen after years of pillaging and raiding on the high seas. Mistress Ching is called the Empress of the Pacific. She has a huge armada of Junk Ships that basically make up for the technological inferiority with their sheer numbers. Ching is the leader of the Pirate Confederation of China. When she is not out giving orders in her Flagship, she resides in the city of Canton, where she has a huge residence to her name. She also owns a large chain of brothels and whore houses all over Asia that give her enough revenue to keep her operations running and have her pockets full. Ching generally targeted Trade Ships to and from Japan to China and the New World.

 6. Sumbhajee Angria – Pirate Lord of the Indian Ocean

Strongest Pirate Lords in Pirates of The Caribbean

He may have the voice of a three-year-old. But do not for a second think that the guy is a pushover. Sri Sumbhajee Angria is called the Terror of the Arabian Sea. He plunders ships that run their course through the affluent routes from India to Europe. As a result, Sumbhajee Angria is not just powerful but also wealthy. His wealth is perhaps the greatest amongst all the other Pirate Lords combined. Sumbhajee Angria was powerful enough to have his own palace on an island within the Arabian Sea. He was widely believed to have supernatural powers and was an avid collector of mystical artefacts. He had in his possession a magical ruby as well as an elixir called the Shadow Gold that can give whoever drinks its supernatural abilities.

 5. Jocard – Lord of the Atlantic Ocean

Gentleman Jocard was once a mere slave slogging his butt off for the whims and fancies of his Western masters. Having had enough of their whip, he led a revolt to be at the giving end of the stick. The mutiny succeeded. Jocard escaped along with his men and began life as a Pirate. He has been accused of several crimes – Mutiny, Revolt, Murder, False Identity assumption, and the likes. After leaving the Black Pearl where he worked as a chef, he became a Captain aboard his ship. He then joined forces with Jack Sparrow to attack and kill King Samuel, the then-current lord of the Atlantic Ocean. Jocard would manage to not only kill him but also take up his position. Jocard is also fond of torturing hostages. One particularly favorite past time of Jocard was ripping his captives’ tongues out.

 4. Elizabeth Swann – Lord of Singapore and the then Pirate King

She was never supposed to be a Pirate Lord, let alone the Pirate King. But as fate would have it, there were already forces in motion to put her on a collision course with powerful factions. She controlled what was left of Sao Feng’s men, resource and territory after the legendary Pirate Lord of the South China Sea met his doom. She forfeited her duties as the Pirate King and retreated to a simpler life at the end of the movie trilogy. But she did command the entirety of the Brethren Court at one point in time. She could have been scored higher on this list if not for her decision to let go of those powers.

 3. Sao Feng – Pirate Lord of the South China Sea

Sao Feng’s exploits are legendary. He is one of the fiercest Pirate Captains to ever exist. Leading an army of Chinese Junk Ships and controlling the seas around Singapore, Indonesia, and beyond, Sao Feng controlled some vital trade routes and was considered the Scourge of the Singapore Strait. The name of his Flagship junk was called the Empress. Sao Feng regularly fought with the powerful East India Company and made them have a run for their money on numerous occasions. In the end, Sao Feng gave in to the evil tyranny of East India Company and became their stooge. He would later realize his mistake and give the control of his territories to Elizabeth Swann.

 2. Hector Barbossa –Lord of the Caspian Sea

Strongest Pirate Lords

Hector Barbossa began his career as a seaman as a sailor. He lived an honest job getting an honest day’s work and came back home every day to sleep a peaceful sleep. But Barbossa was a man of ambition. He wanted more than what he was being offered. Realizing he could achieve way more and be recognized for his skills as a pirate, he went rogue and joined forces with other looters of the sea. He soon became the first mate of Captain Jack Sparrow over the Black Pearl. Then he led a mutiny against his own Captain, stranded him on an island, and a few more adventures later were termed as the Pirate Lord of the Caspian Sea. Captain Hector Barbossa is a ferocious pirate who does not like taking no for an answer. He may not have as many ships under his disposal but he does have the acumen and charisma to lead his men to victory no matter the odds stacked up against him.

 1. Captain Jack Sparrow – Lord of the Caribbean Sea

Strongest Pirate Lords

He may just have one ship at his disposal. And that too, he loses control of every now and then. But he is Captain Jack Sparrow after all. He always, and we mean ALWAYS finds a way around. With innate natural talent as a sailor and quirky charm and peculiar charisma, not to mention his gifted clumsiness, Captain Sparrow has made quite a name for himself. He is renowned throughout the world as a man that is equal parts fun and equal parts business. No matter what the adventure is, if it has money and/or women involved, you will find Captain Jack Sparrow peeking in from the corner.

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