Marvel Phase 4 Is Already Introducing Mutants And We Know How

Marvel Phase 4 Introducing Mutants:

After the massive Universal event that was Avengers: Endgame, the MCU is sort of going back to begin things from scratch (or maybe pick them up midway from where they were left off). Marvel Phase 4 is going to be like Phase 1 & Phase 2 combined. It is going to introduce new elements & characters while continuing the stories of other established characters. To summarize things, Phase 4 is going to be the biggest building phase of the next story the MCU is going to tell. The foundation for every big name faction of the MCU – Doctor Doom, Mutants, Multiverse, Cosmos, ancient history, Atlantis and many other things will be laid down in Phase 4.

Who Are Psiots
Who Are Psiots

When Fox was first acquired by Disney, Kevin Feige basically stated that we are not going to see an X-Men movie till the next 5 years. While that may be true, but he didn’t really tell us that the build up to the X-Men is going to happen right from the beginning of Phase 4. Rumor has it that Black Widow will bring us our first mutant. Let’s jot down every rumor we’ve heard about the mutants in Phase 4 till now, and see how they will actually be introduced in the MCU.

Marvel Phase 4 Introducing Mutants

Black Widow’s rumor is about the actor Oliver Ritchers playing the Russian mutant Ursa Major. Apparently, Ritchers himself teased that he is playing the big giant bear. The complete story of it is that Ursa Major would be in the same prison (Gulag) as Alexi Shostakov aka Red Guardian. Since Black Widow is taking place in 2017, we could not the fact that mutants exist even before Avengers: Endgame. But none of the other known mutants from the comics have surfaced & Wanda & Pietro aren’t even called mutants in the MCU.

The next rumor is about The Falcon And The Winter Soldier. We’ve already seen the map of a popular mutant location, Madripoor in the set photos. And later on, a plot leak suggested that when Sam Wilson, Bucky & Zemo will take a trip to Madripoor, they will come across the Russian mutant Omega Red. Also take into account, that both Black Widow and The Falcon And The Winter Soldier are going to heavily involve the super soldier serum & super soldier experiments.

Marvel Phase 4 Introducing Mutants

The Eternals will explain the ancient history of the MCU. If the mutants have existed in the MCU from the ancient times, then Eternals will surely explain that. But if that is the case, then it might be difficult for people to tell the difference between Eternals & the mutants. That is why, we believe that mutants will only come into existence in the present times.

The House of M storyline heavily involved mutants in the comics and the WandaVision series going to adapt the House of M storyline in some way. So, mutants could show up. In fact, Wanda & Pietro might be called a mutant from here on, and her children Wiccan & Speed could be called that as well. Also, WandaVision will include SWORD, which has its own mutant connections from the comics. Doctor Strange 2 could involve mutants through the Multiverse, but don’t place all your chips on that bet.

The latest report coming from MCUCosmic suggests that Marvel is developing an Ultimatum movie which will see the team up of X-Men, Fantastic Four & the Avengers team up. If the MCU indeed is adapting the Ultimatum storyline, then we know how the mutants are coming to the MCU. It is not going to be through the Infinity Stones & the snaps that happened in Infinity War & Endgame It won’t be through the multiverse and neither have mutants existed throughout the history of the MCU.

Apparently, it will all be tied back to the Super Soldier experiments just as it was during the Ultimatum storyline. We know for a fact that Red Guardian is Russia’s answer to Captain America. They tried to create their own super soldier serum. Who is to say that they didn’t try other human experiments. Ursa Major & Omega Red have to be the results have their experiments that turned those people into mutants.

Marvel Phase 4 Introducing Mutants

After seeing America’s success on Steve Rogers, it is likely that there were many experiments conducted by the governments of the world. And since they did not have the expertise of the German Doctor Erskine, so all their experiments failed, except a few maybe. But what these experiments did was physically alter the genes of these subjects, adding the “X-Gene” into their body which was passed on throughout generations by these subjects as they lived their lives, and now, these genes have started to manifest in the decedents of these subjects.

Gambit Series  a Complicated Love Story

This is how Marvel could explain the emergence of all these mutants suddenly. It will be a logical explanation because if the mutants had existed from the past times, then it is just not possible that none of them had popped up on the SHIELD radar. We’ll have to wait and see whether our judgement is true or not, but things surely do point in this direction. Phase 5 would further the explanation of how the mutants came into being as mutants like Storm, Rogue & Gambit are rumoured to be introduced in Phase 5. Let’s see what happens.

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