Spoiler Filled Photos of Wonder Woman 1984 Have Leaked  

Photos of Wonder Woman 1984 Leaked :

We really hope that the Coronavirus Pandemic will be over by July and we will get to see Wonder Woman 1984 as the first superhero movie after the lockdown is over. Apparently, the film is very crucial for the DCEU moving forward because it is rumored to have some timeline altering aspects for DCEU’s future. We’re going to understand why Batman suddenly looks like Robert Pattinson & not Ben Affleck through Wonder Woman 1984. Apparently, an image has leaked telling us that these rumors about the timeline changes are indeed true.

Spoiler Filled Photos of Wonder Woman 1984 Have Leaked   

These days, merchandise & marketing always end up spoiling superhero movies in certain ways. In the case of Wonder Woman 1984 it is through the Promo images from a Wonder Woman 1984 calendar that have hit Amazon. Apparently, Diana is seen flying in one of these photos. Take a look:

Here’s the description of the upcoming Wonder Woman 1984 Calendar:

“You’re in for the adventure of a lifetime as Diana Prince takes her rightful place by your side as Wonder Woman. This 2021 Wonder Woman 1984 mini calendar will have you squaring off against your chaotic schedule with your formidable abilities. Shine forth as the brilliant goddess you are! Mini calendars are ideal for those with limited wall space. These Forest Stewardship Council-certified calendars highlight 13 images in a compact size. Sixteen months (Sep. 2020-Dec. 2021).”

Spoiler Filled Photos of Wonder Woman 1984 Have Leaked   

These images make it clear that Wonder Woman is going to fly in Wonder Woman 1984. We haven’t seen her flying in either Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice or Justice League. So it seems highly likely that Wonder Woman 1984 might render Batman V Superman & Justice League pointless, or would probably mark major changes in those films. Or there could be a second possibility where Wonder Woman unlocks all of her powers in this film, but ends up losing some of those powers again to fit the DCEU timeline. We’ll have to wait and see what the real deal is.

Wonder Woman 1984 will hopefully hits theatres on August 14, 2020.

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