The Rules of The Soul Stone Could Originate From The Eternals

Soul Stone Rules Originate From The Eternals: 

The Eternals will dive into the rich history of the MCU. We’d get to know what happened 1000s of years in the past of the MCU. We’d know how the Eternals & Deviants came into being and why they have not showed up in the MCU until now. One of the important elements to the story of Eternals, and the root to all our answers could be none other than the Celestials. They were the ones who created the Eternals, and as we’ve seen in Guardians of the Galaxy, one of the Celestials, Esson the Searcher was actively using the Power Stone to wipe out civilizations and basically play God. Another clue of Celestials came from Endgame where Nebula revealed that Vormir (the location of the Soul Stone) was the “center of Celestial existence.”

Soul Stone Rules Originate From The Eternals

This statement is a major clue to the fact that the Celestials haven’t just been to Vormir, but they lived there eons ago. Since Vormir held the Soul Stone, it is entirely plausible that one of the Celestials left it over there and set all the rules to wield the Stone. We believe that the MCU is totally not done with the Infinity Stones. Celestials had connections to the Infinity Stones and the Infinity Stones probably even had a major role to play in the creation of the Eternals and Deviants. So if we are to explore the backstory of the Infinity Stones as well, then we could certainly get to know more about one stone in particular, the Soul Stone.

MCU Marvel Comics Soul Stone Rules Originate From The Eternals

There was a huge hype that surrounded the Soul Stone before its arrival in Infinity War. People thought that it could appear in Thor: Ragnarok or Black Panther through Heimdall or the Astral Plane of Wakanda respectively. But when those films didn’t include the stone, all theories pointed to Infinity War since Thanos had to get all 6 stones. The location of the Soul Stone was never judged by anyone before Infinity War, but the way to Soul Stone was theorized by people. We did read a theory of Thanos sacrificing a soul for a soul.

Facts About Astral Plane

But once this theory turned out to be true, once the return of Red Skull was revealed, we were left asking who exactly did establish these rules of the Soul Stone? How did Red Skull know of them? What really happened in the past? After all, it was the toughest stone to acquire for both Thanos and the Avengers. So, we have to get a history lesson of this stone in particular. We did get one for almost all other stones. We got to see all other stones be used in a major way at various moments in the MCU. But the same didn’t happen for the Soul Stone. We know the least about it. And now, the Eternals could give us a bit more.

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The Collector mentioned that the Infinity Stones could be wielded by the Celestials. He also said that once a “group” was able to share the power of the Stones, and Screen Rant believes that this group could actually be made up of 6 Celestials with 6 stones each. They theorize that the Celestials could have stranded these Infinity Stones across the galaxy, and they were the ones to establish these rules upon the Soul Stone as well.

The Eternals MCU

This theory comes into play because in the comics, the Celestials created the Eternals & Deviants and established a bunch of rules for them as well. They imposed rules such as the Eternals not being allowed to interfere with the matters of the humans. They did all of this because just to study the events of the Universe. So they could’ve done the same with the Soul Stone in particular as well. Or maybe, it could have been just one Celestial responsible for establishing the rules for the stone that he was responsible for, i.e. the Soul Stone. We’ll have to wait and see whether any of this comes true.

Eternals arrives on February 12, 2021.

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