Muggle Characters From Wizarding World Sorted Into Hogwarts Houses

Muggle Characters Into Hogwarts Houses:

The Sorting ceremony is one of the most exciting things about Hogwarts and before every school year started, the first-year students would be sorted into the four school houses based on their personality traits. The four houses have their unique traits as their founders valued different qualities. Based on those qualities we believe that we could guess which houses some of the muggle characters of the series would be sorted into.

 1. Tom Riddle Senior- Slytherin

Of course, Voldemort’s father would be a Slytherin but not just because he was his father. Tom Riddle Sr. was a rich, handsome, proud, and privileged man who doesn’t have much good written about him in the books. He was like a contemptuous, self-righteous young man who treated the Gaunt family with nothing but open hostility and disdain, these traits would make him a Slytherin without a doubt. He also left his pregnant wife and she later died after giving birth to his son. Even Voldemort hated his father so much that he murdered him.

 2. Frank Bryce- Gryffindor

The old man who died at the hands of Voldemort at the beginning of Goblet of fire was Frank Bryce. Frank had been the caretaker of the Riddle house for years and was a loyal servant to them. He continued to live on the property long after their death even though he was accused of murder. Frank was brave and he did not run away when he saw Voldemort and Wormtail in the Riddle house. This makes us feel he would be a Gryffindor.

 3. Mr. and Mrs. Granger- Ravenclaw

Hermione’s parents make short appearances in the series and are only mentioned a few times as hardworking and decent dentists. Even though it is hard to decide the houses of Mr. and Mrs. Granger because of how less we know about their personalities but if we had to guess their houses then we would go with Ravenclaw. Hermione’s parents are both dentists and their daughter too is one of the most clever witches of all time. Therefore we think the Granger parents could be in the house of Rowena Ravenclaw.

 4. Aunt Marge- Slytherin

Muggle Characters Into Hogwarts Houses

Aunt Marge may be a minimal character but she does make her presence felt at the beginning of the third movie when she is blown up by Harry. She thinks herself as a superior and looks down upon Harry as well as has some extreme opinions that she isn’t afraid to share. These traits make her a Slytherin through and through and we can see her as being a sinister member of the house.

 5. Petunia Dursley- Ravenclaw

This one is rather tricky as Petunia Dursley does come off as cruel sometimes but the way she dotes on her son and has a huge interest in the neighborhood tells us there is more to her. She is the same kid who once wrote a letter to Albus Dumbledore and requested to be admitted to Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry. We guess that Petunia Dursley is rather clever and could be a good fit for Ravenclaw.

 6. Vernon Dursley- Slytherin

Muggle Characters Into Hogwarts Houses

Mr. Vernon Dursley would be in Slytherin according to us because of his attitude and treatment of his nephew. Harry may not have been related to him by blood but Vernon’s hatred towards him can never be justified. We’re not saying that all Slytherin are cruel but Vernon surely was and he might fit in the house of Salazar Slytherin. He treated Harry very poorly and the way he hated anything to do with magic was also a bad personality trait.

 7. Dudley Dursley- Slytherin

Dudley is known to be greedy and vain and even though he comes around at the end of the series, but his personality still aligns more with Slytherin. The way he has been spoiled by his parents has a bad effect on him and he becomes an entitled child because of that. He could grow up to be a decent person but then there are decent people in Slytherin too and so we feel there is hope for Dudley as well.

 8. Jacob Kowalski- Hufflepuff

Jacob Kowalski has become one of the most loved characters from the Fantastic Beasts series and is surely our favorite muggle character in the wizarding world of JK Rowling. So, this one is an absolute no brainer and quite obvious as Jacob Kowalski is almost like the male embodiment of Helga Hufflepuff herself. Jacob has all the Hufflepuff traits we can think of just like his friend and another proud Hufflepuff Newt Scamander. He is loyal, non-judgemental, a true friend as well as a gentle and courageous soul.

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