Top 10 Amazing TV Shows that Never Won a Single Emmy

The prestigious Emmys are one of the biggest honors a TV show could ever hope for. But there are several amazing TV shows that could never achieve this feat and it is very disappointing to know. We do not need an Emmy to love these shows as we already know that they’re awesome. Here’s is the list amazing tv shows never won Emmy!

10: Sons of Anarchy (2008 – 2014)

Amazing TV Shows Never Won Emmy

Sons of Anarchy is a very dark, gritty and brutal series filled with amazing actors who give their best. This series made Charlie Hunnam into a global star as his performance was stellar. Despite having so many positives, this amazing show never managed to bag an Emmy, and that is just unfortunate.

#9: It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (2005 -)

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is one of the funniest shows on television right now, and it is still going strong after 15 years. Fans love its edgy humor and this sitcom tackles several sensitive issues in a comical way. This show has been delivering quality content for so many years, but even after that, they have no Emmy to show for it.

#8: Outlander (2014 -)

Amazing TV Shows Never Won Emmy

Outlander is an amazing adaptation and it has impressed even the book readers. The attention to the detail in this show is top-notch – script, costumes, sets, everything is fantastic. Outlander has been nominated a few times but it never managed to cross the line and that is very disappointing to know.

#7: Star Trek: The Original Series (1966 – 1969)

Star Trek has one of the biggest fandoms in the world as its popularity knows no bounds. The show is revered all around the world, but it is shocking to know that this amazing show has never won an Emmy, even though it has been nominated 13 times. It did win the Governors Award in 2018, but that does not really count.

#6: Doctor Who (2005 -)

Amazing TV Shows Never Won Emmy

We all know and love Doctor Who, it is one of the biggest science fiction shows of all time. But the thing that we did not want to know is the fact that this show was not even nominated for an Emmy once. Doctor Who has entertained us for years and it is about time the Emmys stop snubbing the science-fiction genre.

#5: Parks and Recreation (2009 – 2015)

Parks and Recreation has been nominated several times but it has never won an Emmy and it is very surprising. It has some of the funniest characters on television and it is very well written. The humor is on point, but none of this could help it bag an Emmy.

#4: Hannibal (2013 – 2015)

Amazing TV Shows Never Won Emmy

The production quality of Hannibal was superb and one might think after watching the show that it must have won multiple Emmy Awards, but sadly, that is not the case as Hannibal has never won an Emmy. Mads Mikkelsen’s portrayal of the amazing character definitely deserved an Emmy, but he was not even nominated once.

#3: Oz (1997 – 2003)

Amazing TV Shows Never Won Emmy

Oz is an amazing prison drama that is difficult, unpleasant and unsettling to watch because of its realism. This show raised the bar of television, as no one thought such a gritty show would ever achieve success, but it defied all expectations. Oz deserves a lot more recognition and it is a very underrated TV show.

#2: Better Call Saul (2015 -)

Breaking Bad has won several Emmy Awards during its run and fans were expecting the same for Better Call Saul as its quality is similar to that of Breaking Bad, but to everybody’s shock, Better Call Saul has not even won a single Emmy award. The show is still ongoing and we hope there is justice in the future.

#1: The Wire (2002 – 2008)

Amazing TV Shows Never Won Emmy

The Wire is one of the greatest TV shows of all time and it is right up there along with The Sopranos and Breaking Bad, but unfortunately, it has no Emmy to show for itself, and it is just sad. This show doesn’t need an Emmy to prove that it’s awesome, just ask anyone who has watched it.

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