Top 10 Greatest Mentor-Student Relationships in Movies

Don’t we all love it when the hero defeats the villain defying all the odds, providing us with an unforgettable moment? In reality, moments like these are only possible due to the wisdom of their mentors. Heroes are not born they are made by these impeccable mentors. Here’s a list of greatest mentor-student relationships in movies.

#10: Professor X and his Mutants

Mentor Student Relationships in Movies

Professor Charles Xavier has had a very big impact on the entire mutant community. If not for his wisdom, a lot of young mutants would have strayed from their paths. He always taught his students the right thing and he never saw them as weapons. He leads by example and wanted a future where mutants and humans co-existed peacefully.

#9: Albus Dumbledore and Harry Potter

Dumbledore was always on Harry Potter’s side even though it doesn’t look that way. People argue that Dumbledore set up Harry to die, but in reality, that was the only way as Harry was a Horcrux. Dumbledore never forced his ways on Harry, and even though he was not always right, he had the best intentions in his mind.

#8: Master Shifu and Po

Mentor Student Relationships in Movies

Master Shifu was the main reason behind Po’s transition from a good-for-nothing Panda to the Dragon Warrior. On the surface, master Shifu was very tough and insulting but he cared a lot about Po. Only master Shifu was capable enough to understand and guide Po as everybody else would have just given up on him.

#7: Don Vito and Michael Corleone

Mentor Student Relationships in Movies

Don Vito and Michael had an estranged relationship at the beginning but they began to understand each other as time passed. Don Vito didn’t spell out everything for Michael, his mentoring style was unconventional. Even after Don Vito passed, his teachings stayed with Michael as went on to become his successor.

#6: Doc Brown and Marty McFly

Mentor Student Relationships in Movies

Doc Brown was a mad scientist and inventor, and he was the one who helped Marty at every given stage. Doc did not only teach Marty about science, but he also taught him about friendship and humanity. Whenever Marty was in a pickle, it was Doc Brown who got him out without expecting anything in return.

#5: John Keating and his Students

Mentor Student Relationships in Movies

John Keating is a type a teacher that can change the world. He motivated each of his students to strive for excellence and inspired them to be the best version of themselves. Thanks to his unconventional teaching methods, his students realized their true potential and stood up for what they believed in.

#4: Leon and Mathilda

Mentor Student Relationships in Movies

Leon was a hitman and he taught Mathilda the only way he knew. He opened her eyes to the harsh realities of this world. Both of them had a deep impact on each other’s lives as Leon made Mathilda strong and Mathilda broke Leon’s emotional wall. Leon taught Mathilda what he thought was best for her survival, as it was the only thing he knew.

#3: Yoda and Luke Skywalker

Yoda taught Luke how to be a Jedi, and his teachings were much more than just gaining power. He taught Luke the way of life. He was able to transform the ignorant and arrogant Luke into a proper knight. He challenged Luke on every step and provided Luke with his immense wisdom.

#2: Sean Maguire and Will Hunting

Mentor Student Relationships in Movies

Only Sean Maguire was able to understand and help the ungrateful genius boy named Will. He helped Will to get over his past and present trauma and Will, in turn, helped Sean to cope better with the death of his wife. Sean taught Will that love is the most important thing to follow in life and thanks to that Will was able to lead a happy life.

#1: Mr. Miyagi and Daniel LaRusso

Mr. Miyagi started teaching Daniel karate, but he ended up teaching him a whole lot more about life. Mr. Miyagi’s mentorship not only influenced Daniel it also had a huge impact on all of our lives. Mr. Miyagi did not have all the answers, but he taught Daniel how to figure things out for himself and that is the best possible thing one could teach.

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